Suggestions and Solutions – 2000-05-01

A seal in time saves Get immediate response to reduced seal performance or failure with over 100 million combinations of profiles and materials.

By Staff May 1, 2000

A seal in time saves

Get immediate response to reduced seal performance or failure with over 100 million combinations of profiles and materials. Replacement seals can be delivered overnight, with online ordering, high-speed manufacturing, and expert material analysis, providing exactly the right material and profile. For more information and a special seal ordering guide, call 800-283-7140.

American High Performance Seals

Circle 251

Charting ballast waters

A revised, updated, and expanded ballast slide chart allows users to select the correct fluorescent dimming ballast and compatible dimming controls quickly and easily. The slide chart adds information on the newest lighting controls and ballasts, as well as compact fluorescent dimming ballasts. The 41/2 X 11-1/2-in., two-sided chart takes the user through five steps to find the correct ballast and control.

Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

Circle 252

Get coupled properly

Free coupling selection guide is available in inch or metric measurements. The guide has cutaway illustrations, schematics, and application photographs. The brochure includes a coupling feature comparison chart for choosing the right product for the application based on 17 comparisons, such as bore, torque, life expectancy, load, and temperature.

The Falk Corp.

Circle 253

Put electrical info in your pocket

The 18th edition of the Book of Electrical Information is the reference tool often turned to for a wide variety of information and answers to electrical application questions. The pocket-sized reference contains electrical definitions, data, formulas, product information, essential tables, charts, and more.

Ferraz Shawmut, Inc.

Circle 254

It knows what the load looks like

Loads that are difficult to detect cause problems for wrappers. Intelli-sensor eliminates problems with loads that are dark, rough or ribbed (tires), round (pails or drums), or low density (PET bottles). It is factory set for each system and requires no adjustments, eliminating the guesswork of calibrating and adjusting conventional sensing devices.

Lantech, Inc.

Circle 255

Line hot chemical tanks

LFP flexible tank lining material is made of PTFE and rated for a constant temperature of 500 F. Unique tear strength and flexing capability allow this material to function in severe chemical and mechanical environments at extreme temperatures without requiring bonding to tank walls. The liner can be fabricated, molded, and vacuum-formed into most shapes and sizes to make existing tanks corrosion and leak free.

Textiles Coated Intl.

Circle 256

Complete paperless pump catalog

A CD-ROM contains over 1100 pp of catalog data on 110 pump models with both 50 and 60-Hz performance curves. Indexed by pump model, type, and application, it is easy to navigate your way through the entire product line.

Goulds Pumps

Circle 257

What a waste

CabPak service provides businesses with onsite management, storage, packaging, and disposal of small waste container chemicals. The service includes regularly scheduled chemical service checks, training employees, organizing waste, choice of cabinets, and highly skilled and trained field chemists to pack all waste, prepare necessary labels and paperwork, and ensure safe disposal of waste.

Safety-Kleen Corp.

Circle 258

Get a panel, save a door

Sectional dock doors are an ongoing maintenance problem because they are susceptible to impact damage from fork lifts. Knock & Lock impact panel system resolves this problem by enabling simple replacement of the bottom panel of existing doors. The Power-Frame door structure has 30,000 lb of tensile strength that ensures panel integrity. The panel’s one-sheet polystyrene foam core provides superior insulation.

Albany Intl.

Circle 259

Breathe easier and better

Indoor air quality (IAQ) sensor solves the frustration of foregoing energy efficiency for adequate indoor air ventilation. It automatically measures indoor air quality, controls outside air intake, and adjusts the HVAC system accordingly. Minimizing the frequency of adjustments to stabilize air quality reduces energy waste. A free technical white paper reviews proper IAQ and offers recommendations for effective ventilation systems.

Staefa Control System

Circle 260

Oh, my aching back

Back Saver fork lift cylinder handler virtually eliminates back injuries sustained by workers handling propane tanks. The design allows a cylinder to be removed from a cabinet and placed directly on the back of a fork lift. The device permits workers to merely align the tank with the fork lift and use a hand winch to load the cylinder in place. Features include 5-in. caster wheels with rear safety locks and a lift capacity of 100 lb.

H & H Sales Co.

Circle 261

Getting full measure

Year 2000+GF+SIGNET measurement and instrumentation catalog features an expanded 148-p format with detailed engineering data on flow and analytical products. A system selection section offers a step-by-step guide to choosing the right instrument for a specific application. The catalog also includes technical specifications, applications, sensor/instrumentation, compatibility, wiring data, and dimensions.

George Fischer, Inc.

Circle 262

Get it really clean

Krytox RFE cleaner is a multipurpose aerosol that removes all fluorinated, synthetic, and hydrocarbon-based lubricants; and heavy-duty inhibitors, lithium greases, and 10W-40 motor oil from various surfaces. The cleaner is compatible with thermal set, thermal plastic, and elastomers. The cleaner removes greases and lubricants based on Group I, II, and III base stocks, as well as synthetics such as polyalphaolefins.

Loctite Corp.

Circle 263

Get away from rag time

Tork multi all-purpose wipe replaces textile rags used for cleaning and wiping tasks in manufacturing, service, and maintenance environments. Made from cellulose and polyester, its spunlaced, nonwoven technology gives a cloth-like feel and creates a wipe strong enough for the toughest workshop tasks. The wipe is a superior alternative to medium-quality, mixed-color textile rags with its high absorption and release rate for faster and more effective wiping and reduced solvent consumption.

SCA Hygiene Products

Circle 264

Check fork lift drivers

New OSHA standards 1910.178(1) demand specialized training and documentation for operators of lift trucks. An identification system is available as a dealer installed accessory on some new lift trucks, or as an after-market add-on for older trucks, to control access to specific fork lifts. The device requires every driver to prove his unique identity before a fork lift can be operated. Access features may determine if the driver has up-to-date training, qualification, and authorization.


Circle 265

Do PVC piping in Van Stone style

A line of polyvinyl chloride, Van Stone style, two-piece socket outlets for use in PVC piping systems is available in sizes from 10-24 in. The 10, 12, 14, and 16-in. flanges have a free-floating ring that enable bolt holes to be aligned after the flange has been cemented to the pipe, providing instant alignment and easy assembly. The 18, 20, and 24-in. sizes have flange hubs formed from PVC pipe as single piece construction containing no cementing or hand welding.

Plastinetics, Inc.

Circle 266

Find what ails a hydraulic system

A 36-p book covers a variety of products, including over 70 models of portable hydraulic testers with flow rates from 0.03-350 gpm at pressures to 7000 psi, flowmeters, instrumentation, and control valves. A useful primer on hydraulic circuit fault finding, port and pipe connection technical data, descriptive text, dimensional data, product photos, and suggested uses are covered in an easy-to-read format.

Webster Instruments, Div. of Webtec Products

Circle 267

Make product safety signs fast

MaxiSoft product safety label making software enables users to produce permanent or temporary, self-adhesive, color safety labels that comply with ANSI Z535.4-1998 standards using a PC, printer, and printable vinyl and UV protective lamination sheets. Complicated product safety labels can now be easily designed in any shape, size, or color to fit specific product identification requirements. The software supports 13 graphics file formats, 14 bar code formats, and 200 safety symbols.

K-Sun Corp.

Circle 268

Control loops shouldn’t run in circles

A free CD teaches how to diagnose and fix the problems on badly performing process control loops, which reduce plant profitability. The CD uses a case study of a typical loop. It explains and demonstrates the basic steps to analyze and tune the control loop. Roughly 75% of process control loops cause more variability running in automatic mode than in manual. Many oscillate because of nonlinearities: hysteresis, stiction, dead band, and nonlinear process gain. Others oscillate because of poor controller tuning or design.

ExperTune, Inc.

Circle 269

Give a lift truck a charge

The SCR-100 silicon-controlled rectifier, lift truck battery charger is used with both flooded and sealed, maintenance-free types. The charger is conservatively rated to recharge any fully discharged battery in 8 hr. A bulletin explains how the charger’s high efficiency extends battery life and protects it against under and over-charging, battery/charger mismatches, and ac power failures.

GNB Technologies

Industrial Battery Co., Electric Vehicle Div.

Circle 270

Metric to English

A software program aids engineers in converting any metric dimension or thermal measurement into a compatible English unit. The software is available in a CD-ROM format or online at the web site.

Nooter Fabricators, Inc.

Circle 271

Make power tools safe

An extensive series of safety related resources are available. Topics include Safety Is Specific (brochure), On the Job Power Tool Safety Maintenance Check List, Power Tool Safety (brochure), A Teacher’s Reference Guide to Power Tool Safety, Power Tool Accidents-They Can Be Prevented (video), and Circular Saw Safety (video).

Power Tool Institute, Inc.

Circle 272

Get more than a lube job

Planned Engineering Service is a proactive-approach to business improvements through lubrication management. Benefits include reduced unscheduled downtime and lubricant consumption, fewer machine replacement parts, safety and environmental improvements, and lower costs.


Circle 273

Simply checking H2O

Perfecting Simplicity in Water Analysis catalog includes a full line of portable water testing kits and instruments. The products quantitatively analyze more than 50 important analytes and parameters, either by simple visual inspection or with a photometric instrument.


Circle 274

What to do when your roof is not flat

Low-Slope Roofing Materials Guide is a 679-p publication describing hundreds of low-slope roof membranes, insulation boards, roof cements, coatings, and fastener products. Steep-Slope Roofing Materials Guide contains 230 pp of steep-slope roofing product information about asphalt shingles and their warranties, underlayment sheets, clay and concrete tiles, wood shakes and shingles, and slate, fiber-cement, metal, and synthetic roofing products.

National Roofing Contractors Association

Circle 275