Solutions – 2005-05-01

By Staff May 1, 2005

Applying drill pressure

Problem : Drilling holes in awkward positions is difficult because it is hard to apply much force with one hand. Is there an aid available?

Solution : Make a manual assist by combining a handle bar, chain, and hooking arrangement. Applying pressure on the drill with the handle bar greatly improves drilling ease.

This tip was originally published in September 1997.

Changing hoses and fittings

Problem : Changing hoses and fittings on tanks usually requires complete draining, or playing the “how fast can you swap” game. The first is time consuming and the second can be dangerous, depending on the fluid in the tank.

Solution : Plumb a vacuum pump to a port at the top of the tank. This evacuates the tank of air, creating just enough vacuum to hold the liquid in the tank and pull liquid into the tank from the lines. Hoses and fittings can now be changed with minimal downtime.

This tip was originally published in September 1998.

Picking up small parts

Problem : It is difficult to pick up small parts, especially in hard to reach places. Is there another way to pick them up?

Solution : Place an old pair of panty hose over the suction end of a shop vac. The small parts are sucked into the hose and can easily be retrieved.

This tip was originally published in September 1999.

Safety First…

In all cases, even if not specifically mentioned in the writeups, verify that the tip does not violate any relevant code, standard, or practice. Always use the appropriate safety equipment and procedures when applying the maintenance tips.