Solutions – 2004-09-10

By Staff September 10, 2004

Lens lift

Problem : A gauge has to be recalibrated by removing the lens. How can a sticking lens be removed without damaging it or the gauge?

Solution : Use a shop vac with a rubber nozzle to lift the lens out without damaging it. Or, glue a soft gasket to a sanitary flange and connect the shop vac to it.

Contributor : John Kotlas, Maintenance Foreman, Ajinomoto AminoScience, LLC, Raleigh, NC.

It’s in the bag

Problem : Trying to move and mate heavy machinery can be very difficult if a crane is unavailable. Is there an easy way to move the machine into position?

Solution : Place grease between two, metallic, static-shielding plastic bags. Spot each pair of bags under the machine legs. The machine can now be easily aligned. Remove the bags when done.

Contributor : Jason Barron, Industrial Engineer, Diversified Technology, Inc., Ridgeland MS.

Placing E-rings

Problem : Placing small E-rings into their grooves can be difficult. Is there an easy way to hold the ring while installing it?

Solution : Use a screwdriver with a magnetic tip to hold the E-ring and push it in place. It takes a little practice but it works better than a pair of pliers.

Contributor : Jim Weese, Maintenance Manager, Intervet, Inc., DeSoto, KS.

Safety First…

In all cases, even if not specifically mentioned in the writeups, verify that the tip does not violate any relevant code, standard, or practice. Always use the appropriate safety equipment and procedures when applying the maintenance tips.