Software and computers – 2005-01-10

By Staff January 10, 2005

PDA calculation software

The Electrist is an industrial software suite for the Palm PDA operating systems. Software contains electrical and electronic calculations, and more than 90 formulas and variations. Electronic calculators include Ohm’s Law, resistor color code, inductance, capacitance, and dB. Electrical calculators include voltage and current dividers, peak-to-peak, and delta/wye conversions.

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Flat panel monitor

LUX20-H flat panel monitor is a 20-in. retrofit package for the Honeywell TDC3000 console. Specialized LCD system is designed for compatibility with the older process control video output and to mechanically mount into the console furniture. Front bezel and touch screen are left undisturbed. Monitor overcomes the challenges presented by interfacing older style video signals with LCD displays.

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Manufacturing intelligence

Activplant Performance Management System delivers actionable manufacturing intelligence for a broad array of automotive, CPG, food and beverage, and forestry product plants with different profiles designed for specific types of production lines. Software includes manufacturing intelligence platform; preconfigured profiles for data collection, reports, and analyses templates for specific plant types; and operations and implementation methodologies.

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Scalable software suite

Industrial Application Server 2.0 is designed to address life-cycle engineering costs associated with automation projects, is built on the ArchestrA software architecture, and is the core distributed applications processing element of FactorySuite A2 integrated software suite. Software uses Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP Service Pack 2, is scalable from 250 to 1 million I/O points across up to 100 computer nodes, and has self-adjusting communications protocol for low-bandwidth networks.

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