Software and Computers – 2003-11-01

By Staff November 1, 2003

CAD template library

Thousands of downloadable CAD template drawings, available through the company’s web site, allow users to access the extensive library. Three-dimensional drawings are built on demand, using current dimensions. CAD templates can be downloaded directly into any major CAD modeling program, including AutoCAD, Mechanical Desktop, and Solid Works.

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Motor performance curves

MotorBoss 3.0 is an online motor ordering and tracking system that also features three performance curves of standard stock motors — performance vs. horsepower; performance vs. torque; and torque, current, power factor vs. RPM. The curves can be obtained through the web site’s submittal request program. On the submittal query results page, users can access the curves, which are available for stock models and qualifying configured orders.

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PROFInet guide

PROFInet Technology and Application Guide is a 32-p publication that offers detailed information on how PROFInet integrates with PROFIBUS to bring Ethernet connectivity to the plant floor. The illustrated guide presents information on the PROFInet component model, automation objects, real-time communications, migration strategies, network management, and web integration.

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CMMS/EAM guide

New literature identifies and explains five different approaches to achieving success using CMMS/EAM programs. The guide includes discussions on fully outsourced programs, client-controlled operation, application service provider (ASP) web-enabled deployment, data integrity overview, and enhancement of operations.

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Ethernet book

The Industrial Ethernet Networking Guide is a technical overview of industrial Ethernet networking. The book provides standards-based information on the industrial adaptation of the Ethernet protocol and discusses technologies with regards to the 7-layer OSI model.

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