Sharing Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Key concepts Participate in our 13th annual contest by submitting a tip no later than March 19 and you could win $1000.
By Ron Holzhauer, Managing Editor, Plant Engineering Magazine February 1, 2001


Participate in our 13th annual contest by submitting a tip no later than March 19 and you could win $1000.

Last year’s winning ideas explained how to find leaks in gas service piping flanges, removing seized flywheel pins, and stopping sewer gas from escaping.

Countless time-conserving, money-saving, aggravation-avoiding ideas for solving typical plant maintenance problems are used by Plant Engineering readers. Unfortunately, all too often the knowledge base of these inexpensive, easy-to-implement problem-solvers is not universal.

Sharing simple, shortcut maintenance methods or procedures with others in the profession is the basic intent of Plant Engineering magazine’s 13th annual “Tips & Tricks” article. Reader-submitted maintenance suggestions selected by our review committee will appear in the July issue. (Those not picked for that article will be considered for use in our monthly “Simple Solutions” department.)

In addition to submitting the maintenance ideas, we want our readers to pick the “best” tip of 2001 from among those published. A reader service number will be assigned to each entry so that you can vote for the five your think are the most appropriate or practical for solving your maintenance problems.

The highest vote getter will reward the submitter with $1000. The two runners-up will each receive $250. All items published in “Tips & Tricks” and “Simple Solutions” will earn the submitter $35.

Entering the contest

Look around the plant, or call on your past experiences. Do you see a short-cut method for handling a maintenance problem, or recall a technique that worked well in the past? The ideas do not have to be a big deal, or even original with you. What is common knowledge or routine in one plant, industry, or area might be a revelation elsewhere.

If you come up with a good idea, send us a detailed explanation. State the problem that existed, and then present the solution provided by your tip. Drawings or color photographs visually depicting the ideas are extremely important to the impact and understanding of the tip. Also include a professional biography, company mail and/or e-mail address, and daytime phone number.

Send your ideas to Ron Holzhauer, Plant Engineering magazine, 2000 Clearwater Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523. Ideas can also be e-mailed to rholzhauer@, or faxed to 630-320-7145.

Entries must be received by March 19 for consideration.

See the next page for the three winners of the 2000 “Tips & Tricks” contest.