Product Intros – 2002-07-15

By Staff July 15, 2002

Pillow block suited for air handlers

Air Handling Ball Bearing Unit has a 360-degree contact, concentric locking collar that reduces noise, vibration, and fretting corrosion. This provides long bearing life and permits the use of commercial grade shafting. A built-in torque indicator shows when the bearing is mounted concentrically with the correct internal clearance. SKF USA, Inc. Write 371 on PE card

Right-angle gearmotors don’t breathe

New right-angle, single-reduction gearmotors feature an internal expansion bladder and Mobil synthetic SHC 634 oil bath lubrication. Because the gearmotors are not vented, outside contamination from the environment cannot enter and the oil stays clean. Design provides flexibility in mounting and interchangeability with other manufacturers. Baldor Electric Co. Write 372 on PE card

Plunger pump lowers maintenance

Series 5CP plunger pumps offer high performance in a compact, lightweight frame. A 316SSL corrosion-resistant manifold provides easy servicing. Near maintenance-free operation is achieved by incorporating standard long-life components including: concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers and forged crankshafts. Cat Pumps Write 373 on PE card

Storage cabinets come in more sizes

Line of all-welded, heavy-duty storage cabinets offers 10 additional models in sizes and with features not previously available. Four of the cabinets combine modular drawer, tilt-bin, and shelf storage in a lockable, cabinet-type housing. Two models feature 36-in. and 48-in. wide shelf storage with diamond-perforated doors for ventilation. Lyon Workspace Products Write 374 on PE card

VSD compressors save energy

Three models, ZR 900 VSD, ZR 500 VSD, and ZR/ZT 90 VSD have capacities ranging from 5200 cfm down to 165 cfm. The variable speed drives save energy, provide a highly stable air net pressure, have low starting currents with a total absence of peaks, have a high power factor, and are fully compliant with EMC directives. Atlas Copco Compressors, Inc. Write 375 on PE card

Analyzer measures stack moisture

MAC150 high-temperature, in-situ moisture analyzer continuously monitors emission stack gases and meets EPA and local regulatory requirements for stack gas moisture measurements, including a two-point daily calibration check. Mac Instruments Write 376 on PE card

Public address system is rugged

NOVA 2001 is a microprocessor-based system for public address and emergency notification designed to meet the communications and safety needs of industry. S.M.A.R.T. modules can withstand adverse environmental conditions, perform self-diagnostics, and automatically set broadcast levels. Gai-Tronics Corp. Write 377 on PE card

Infrared camera finds problems instantly

ThermaCAM E-Series IR cameras are the most compact, lightweight, and innovative infrared inspection cameras ever developed. They are designed to find and document electrical and mechanical faults before failure. Flir Systems Boston Write 378 on PE card

Thermometer accepts dual inputs

Series HH80A handheld, digital thermometers are single and dual-input thermocouple displays that combine J, K, E, or T readouts in a single package. Units have an autoranging feature. Two resolutions can be chosen, 0.1 C or 1 C. Up to 10 maximum and minimum readings can be stored. There is an automatic, 10-min. shutoff, which can be disabled. Omega Engineering, Inc. Write 379 on PE card

Controller integrates PID control

Modular Controller series integrates multizone PID control into PC- and PLC-based systems. The controller was designed to provide all the benefits that dedicated, panel-mounted, controllers possess while offering the convenience of DIN-rail mounting and drag-n-drop integration. The series has a master module and up to 16 PID modules. Red Lion Controls, Inc. Write 380 on PE card

Linear bearing requires no lubrication

Drylin RJI (inch) and Drylin RJM (metric) 100% polymer bearings are directly interchangeable with standard recirculating ball bearings. They fit standard pillow blocks. The bearing material has a low coefficient of friction, shock and vibration dampening characteristics, requires no lubrication, and is highly corrosion and wear resistant. igus, inc. Write 381 PE card

Light saves energy

Uni-Form Pulse Start Metal Halide 875-W System is an ideal alternative to a traditional 1000-W metal halide system when energy savings and performance are key concerns. With 80,500 mean lumens, this lamp gives 12,200 more mean lumens than a standard 1000-W lamp. Venture Lighting Write 382 on PE card

Scopes capture signals

TDS2000 Series oscilloscopes are available in 2 and 4-channel versions and deliver up to 200 MHz bandwidth and 2 GS/s maximum sample rate. The rate delivers real-time performance to capture signals with far greater precision than a conventional DSO. Tektronix, Inc Write 383 on PE card

Hardhat keeps a cool head

V-Gard Advance Cap has six large cooling vents along the crown for improved air circulation and comfort. It has 4 or 6-point Fas-Trac ratchet suspension and a rain gutter. Lateral contours above the ear offer easy integration of hearing protection. A Glaregard underbrim reduces reflective glare. The soft, absorbent sweatband increases comfort and cooling. MSA Safety Products Div. Write 384 on PE card

Lockout valve has gradual start function

EZ Series Lockout valves with an integrated Soft-Start function are used to prevent accidental actuation during the servicing of air-operated equipment. The Soft-Start function allows a gradual system re-pressurization after maintenance has been completed. Parker Hannifin Corp. Pneumatic Div. Write 385 on PE card

UV lamp is friendly to environment

Spectroline Maxima 3500 ultrapowerful ultraviolet leak detection lamp features a state-of-the-art Micro Discharge Light bulb that contains less than 3% of the amount of hazardous mercury found in standard high-intensity-discharge bulbs. A unique filter and bulb/reflector assembly enables the 35-W bulb to produce 10 times more UV light than conventional 100-W lamps. Spectronics Corp. Write 386 on PE card

Truck is ac powered

ETVC 16 Retrak is a reach truck that requires 30% less aisle space. The extra strong, open mast design provides an unobstructed view, and the reach legs extend 35.4 in. The truck handles up to 6000 lb at travel speeds of 12.4 mph and lift speeds of 108 fpm. Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. Write 387 on PE card

Infrared thermometer uses laser beam

61 Infrared Thermometer features a laser beam for easy aiming and is ideal for measuring rotating, electrically live, dangerously hot, or hard-to-reach objects. It can take a temperature reading in less than 1 sec. When a single front button is depressed and held down, the laser illuminates and temperature readings are displayed on a backlit LCD screen. Temperature range is from 0 to 525 F. Fluke Corp. Write 388 on PE card

Big tool, small size

Power Grip is a palm-sized, battery-powered tool that has unique ergonomics and batteries that let you work longer with less downtime and fatigue. Its compact size gets into tight spots where other drivers don’t fit. It has 44 in.-lb of torque, weighs 1.4 lb and has 20 torque settings. It can drive 200 #8×15/8 screws on a single charge. Metabo Write 389 on PE card