Product Intros – 2001-05-01

Band saw uses clamp-on-vise AirBand portable, pneumatic band saw has a clamp-on-vise that is easily installed. The clamp quickly secures to rounds up to 43/4-in. OD, as well as squares and angles up to 3 in. 3 3 in. The product eliminates hazards posed by electric saws used in potentially explosive or wet environments.

By Staff May 1, 2001

Band saw uses clamp-on-vise

AirBand portable, pneumatic band saw has a clamp-on-vise that is easily installed. The clamp quickly secures to rounds up to 43/4-in. OD, as well as squares and angles up to 3 in. 3 3 in. The product eliminates hazards posed by electric saws used in potentially explosive or wet environments. The saw can be routinely used without a safety engineer’s “Hot Permit.”

CS Unitec, Inc.

Circle 371

System locks out circuit breakers

EZ Panel Loc kit has everything needed to quickly and conveniently lock out a circuit breaker — no special tools required. Made from high-end plastic, it has no conductive properties such as metal products. The storage case can be mounted to the conduits above the panel or to the wall when the locking arms are not in use.

Brady Signmark

Circle 372

Collect multifunction vibration data

The Vibscanner lightweight data collector features built-in sensors for 10 important machine parameters, including vibration acceleration and displacement and velocity according to ISO standards. Also measured is shock pulse for bearing damage and lubrication condition, pump cavitation, process parameters, inspection codes, temperature, and rpm.

Ludeca, Inc.

Circle 373

Remote control directs cranes

PulseStar MRT5 radio remote crane control fits in the palm of a hand and is used for three-motion, two-step overhead bridge cranes and monorails. The device is powered with standard AA disposable batteries or an optional 3.6-V rechargeable battery.

Electromotive Systems

Circle 374

LED lamps add durability to flashlights

A line of 9-mm LED lamps fit most two and three-cell flashlights. They provide a solid-state, durable, weather-resistant bulb with no gases to heat, filaments to break, or glass globes to shatter. The LEDs provide pure-color light, even as battery power dwindles. The low power draw lets batteries last 15-20 times longer than when using incandescent bulbs.

LEDtronics, Inc.

Circle 375

Powered dispensers speed caulk application

Powercaulker dispensers/applicators are used with variable speed, reversible drills to apply sealants, adhesives, and caulking. The device speeds up application rates, reduces labor, and is especially efficient for applications in cold weather. Two models are designed for use with 1/10 or 1/4-gal. cartridges. Repetitive motion is eliminated to cut the potential for carpal tunnel problems.

Delta Industries

Circle 376

Compressors have variable speed drive

L22-L75 lubricated, rotary screw compressors are available with outputs between 92—399 cfm at standard pressures of 100, 125, and 150 psig. Both air and water-cooled models are available from 50—100 hp. The switched reluctance, variable speed drive system offers the ability to precisely match power consumption to demand.


Circle 377

Telecommunications ground bars meet specs

Eritech grounding busbars meet the specifications of TIA/EIA 607-A and conform to BICSI recommendations. Features include a main grounding busbar, several lengths of busbars to accommodate project requirements, and splice plates that allow for expansion.

Erico, Inc.

Circle 378

Mag-drive pumpscome in ANSI sizes

Sealless, mag-drive, metallic centrifugal and turbine vane pumps are available in 17 ANSI sizes for maximum application flexibility. Close-coupled models provide high efficiency, low horsepower, low NPSH, and long MTBR. The straddle-mounted, double bearing design reduces shaft loads. High-strength, rare earth magnets supply “no-slip” power.

Magnatex Pumps, Inc.

Circle 379

Soft start sets up in plain English

Digital soft start controls are available with output ratings from 9—900 amps for motors from 3—700 hp and feature a 32-character display keypad. The operator simply enters operating parameters on the plain English keypad and the control software automatically sets to the application.

Baldor Electric Co.

Circle 380

Roll door is alternative to strip curtains

The PredaDoor is an affordable, high-speed roll door that is an excellent alternative to strip curtains or impact doors. Primarily used in interior applications with moderate-to-heavy motorized trafffic, the door opens at 42 in./sec and closes at 21 in./sec. It can be operated by floor induction loops, pull cords, motion detectors, or photo eyes; and comes standard with a full width, replaceable vision panel for unsurpassed visibility. The bottom bar can withstand the impact of a forklift and can be reset in seconds.

Rytec Corp.

Circle 381

Relay switches power to resistive loads

SSR3PH Series solid state relays are three-phase, fully integrated instruments. They come with a heat sink and DIN rail mounting plate encased in a space-saving design. The relays are built for switching power to three-phased asynchronous motors and resistive loads.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

Circle 382

Grease pump piston improves performance

PurgeX grease injector pump has a patented, single-piece piston that improves performance. Operation is simple. Grease is supplied from a reservoir to the pump. The meters can be mounted in any position. A signal from a switch timer or computer activates the system. Shutting off the signal immediately stops the grease. No after drip occurs.

Oil-Rite Corp.

Circle 383

Ceramic coatingprotects surfaces

Nordbak is an ultra-smooth, brushable ceramic-reinforced epoxy that provides a high-gloss, low-friction coating to protect surfaces against turbulence, abrasion, and cavitation in temperatures ranging from -20—200 F.

Loctite Corp.

Circle 384

Sample boiler water stays under pressure

The Sampler cools boiler water samples under pressure so accurate oxygen measurements can be made. It is designed to cool samples to within 10-deg F of the cooling water. The unit can be disassembled for cleaning by removing the head and steel or copper coil assembly.

Penn Separator Corp.

Circle 385

Monitor checks gas condition

Ultima display module allows the user to remotely view the status of up to eight sensor points. Its digital display is used to indicate the status of any monitor, including gas reading, alarm level conditions, and date of last calibration.

Mine Safety Appliance Co.

Circle 386

Chemical cleans up wastewater

Oil-Diminisher is an enzyme-based product that breaks down hydrocarbons and eliminates associated odors in wastewater streams. It is highly effective at reducing emulsified oil levels.

Turnkey Solutions, Inc.

Circle 387

Retrofit kits boost lighting performance

Ballast retrofit kits with lamp are a low-cost option when replacing defunct components. The selection of kits includes the energy saving ballast for 277-V Uni-Form pulse start metal halide and a variety of multi-volt or 480-V CWAs for pulse or probe start metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps.

Ruud Lighting

Circle 388