POY Finalist: Absorbent pillow

Finalist in Maintenance Tools and Equipment in Plant Engineering’s 2011 Product of the Year competition

By Edited by Amanda McLeman, Plant Engineering November 1, 2011

The PIG LEAKTRAPPER Universal Absorbent Pillow is designed to absorb nuisance leaks and drips before they hit the floor and become a slip and fall hazard. Ideal for wrapping around pipes, the loop-backed pillow attaches to Velcro hooks and can easily be positioned to capture oil, coolant, solvent, and water leaks at their source.

Also, its puncture-resistant, impermeable poly backing prevents strike-through onto surfaces, and the pillows are available with dimensions of 9-in. by 9-in., 14-i.n by 14-in., or 14-in. by 21-in.

New Pig Corp.


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