Power Transmission – 2003-12-10

By Staff December 10, 2003

Coupling info

Configurator is an online tool that translates raw data into usable CAD drawings and dimensional data for various styles of flexible couplings used in applications including pumps, compressors, and gearboxes. Visiting the web site provides access to a database of more than 20,000 couplings with either inch or DIN metric specifications.

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Servo valves

D634-P direct drive, servo-proportional valve offers the highest flow for applications where speed is required while providing safety, energy savings, and responsiveness. The valve has integrated electronics and is available in 6, 10, and 15-gpm flow versions with a Dp of 75 psi per land. At high pressure drop, the valve holds its maximum flow area nearly constant.

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Inverter-duty gearmotors are specifically designed for use with adjustable speed controls. The line is rated at 3/8 hp, 230 V, three phase. An operating range of 10 Hz to 90 Hz features ratios from 5:1 to 75:1 in right-angle and parallel-shaft configurations. Both styles feature an internal oil expansion bladder and synthetic oil that never needs replacing or maintenance.

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Hose couplings

Swing-Couplings eliminate the common hazards associated with connecting and disconnecting pneumatic couplings and quick disconnects. They eliminate the hose whiplash effect by requiring the user to first pull back a locking collar, then swing a plug into position for release. This two-stage operation eliminates whip and ensures a safe disconnect.

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Bearing substitute

DryLin R bearings are maintenance-free and dry-running, making them an ideal substitute for traditional ball bearings, especially in harsh, debris infested, or water-based environments. By reducing the clearance between the bearing liner and shaft by 50%, life expectancy is more than doubled.

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Versatile gearboxes

Z-Series spiral-bevel gearboxes serve as speed reducers or increasers while delivering an efficiency of 96% to 99%. Available in seven sizes and six model types, the units are constructed of case hardened and lapped alloy steel, spiral-bevel gears, ensuring low noise, reduced backlash, and less transmission error. Two and three-shaft models have capacities from 2 hp to 540 hp.

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