Optimized model: Metastorm enhances Process Discovery software

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff July 17, 2008

Version 6.4 of Metastorm Discovery, an interactive process discovery tool for faster and more accurate collection of data, process understanding, and process metrics, offers enhanced capabilities for wireless data collection, improved reporting capabilities, and tighter integration with Metastorm ProVision for process modeling and optimization.
As part of the Metastorm Enterprise platform, Metastorm Discovery interoperates with Metastorm ProVision, an enterprise modeling solution. Organizations can use Metastorm Discovery to quickly engineer a process metric study, provide process participants with a hand-held PDA interface to self-record their activities and related events, generate standard process analysis reports, and then directly use the new data in Metastorm ProVision for advanced modeling and further statistical analysis.
It is not uncommon for a group of 20 study participants to generate in excess of 8,000 data points in two weeks, and Metastorm Discovery eliminates the need for scarce, high-cost business analysts or consultants to sit, observe, and time workers and manually aggregate and analyze the collected data. Instead, all of it can be automated and participant-driven through Metastorm Discovery.
Other key capability enhancements in Metastorm Discovery 6.4 include:
%%POINT%% Support for PDA Bluetooth stack technology for study deployment and process data capture;
%%POINT%% Enhanced library of standard “one-click” reports;
%%POINT%% Improved performance of data import and export for cleansing and for custom report development in Microsoft Excel; and
%%POINT%% Improved integration to Metastorm ProVision’s workflow simulation capability so that real and credible activity information can be used.
“Data collection and analysis are critical to the success of business process modeling and improvement initiatives,” says Greg Carter, CTO, Metastorm.“[Companies] are realizing the value of using Metastorm Discovery as a core component of their process initiatives. The product gives customers the framework needed to address the Process Discovery phase of the business process improvement lifecycle and further increases the value that Metastorm brings to its customers.”

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