National Plant Engineering and Facilities Management Show Product Preview

By Staff February 10, 2004

Label maker

GlobalMark industrial label maker helps produce professional, full-color industrial grade labels and signs, on site, in minutes. Signs and labels such as OSHA and ANSI safety signs and warnings, equipment ID, and security warnings can be made on the spot. Lack of proper markings can cause equipment downtime or accidents.

Brady Corporation , Booth 616

Predictive maintenance

SmartSCANNER is a joystick-operated combination tool for corrective and predictive maintenance that offers data collection and machine analysis and correction in one instrument and one database. Shaft-coupling alignment and rotor balancing address two frequent causes of rotating machinery damage or failure, and the vibration module permits collection and trending of data to observe the development of machinery problems, allowing maintenance personnel to take action before damage occurs.

Ludeca, Inc. , Booth 436

Fuse usage

MRO Plus (material reduction opportunity plus) is designed to help inventory managers at industrial manufacturing facilities streamline their inventory and reduce costs through a simple analysis of their annual fuse usage. It provides the customer with a detailed report that shows how converting to Littelfuse products will allow them to consolidate their inventory, cut costs, and reduce downtime while improving productivity and plant safety.

POWR-GARD division, Littelfuse, Inc. , Booth 730

Maintenance software

MPulse maintenance software version 5.5 is a flexible CMMS for work order management. Features include history reporting, inventory control, and management reporting capabilities. Mobile Works uses Palm OS for remote operation, and MPulse InfoNet is web-enabled. Onsite and online training is available.

MPulse , Booth 123

EAM/CMMS software

Synergen offers a leading EAM/CMMS software solution that supports the maintenance, inventory, purchasing, and operational accounting for capital-intensive organizations.

Synergen, Inc. , Booth 119

Dispersion speakers

Wide-area dispersion speakers are engineered for more efficient large-area sound coverage and higher-quality reproduction of voice, tone, and live public address. By mounting the transducers in a vertical line, sound radiates in a cylindrical shape rather than spherically, as is the case with conventional speakers.

Federal Signal Corp. , Booth 524

Test instrument

5MHz MultiScope model 381285 features a high-resolution viewing area with a 160 x 160 pixel high-density graphical display and electro-luminescent backlighting. The graphical mode oscilloscope display allows the observation of actual voltage waveforms, and the multimeter mode is a 400-count dual display with analog bargraph.

Extech Instruments , Booth 901

Spill containment

Ultra-twin IBC SpillPallet provides spill containment for two IBC tanks and is available with optional bucket shelf for either or both sides to catch small leaks or spills during dispensing. One continuous sump holds 535 gal and meets EPA containment and SPCC regulations.

UltraTech International, Inc. , Booth 948

Breathable glove

Mach 5 is a breathable and dexterous glove constructed with Ironclad’s patented iBreathe fabric, engineered to wick away sweat and foster maximum airflow for coolness and comfort. Odor-free and antibacterial iBreathe is a one-way capillary, engineered fabric made of strong, resilient, and durable fibers. The palm is oil and water resistant.

Ironclad Performance Wear , Booth 929

Condition analysis

Ultraprobe 10,000 is a multilevel, digital ultrasonic condition analysis system with onboard sound recording and datalogging.

UE Systems, Inc. , Booth 452

Air control nozzle

FINZ is a versatile air control nozzle utilizing a tip design that provides a quiet curtain of air. The eductor-style orifices entrain air from around the nozzle, reducing noise levels and maximizing air flow to the area sprayed. Several mounting options are built into a single nozzle style for new or existing applications.

Bete Fog Nozzle, Inc. , Booth 1200

Vertical fan

An 8-ft, enclosed vertical fan is ideal when high-volume/low-speed fans cannot be installed on the ceiling because of obstructions or when a movable fan is desired. The fan effectively cools mezzanines and provides a comfortable environment for workers.

Big Ass Fans , Booth 619

Self-cleaning filter

Auto-Vac filter removes virtually all suspended solids from liquid slurries. With the aid of a diatomaceous earth filter media, solid particles as small as 0.5 micron are removed from the liquid being filtered. Solids are continuously removed from the surface of the filter media by a blade and then deposited into a receptacle for easy disposal.

Alar Engineering Corp. , Booth 1347

Vacuum cleaner

CFM 137 industrial vacuum cleaner features oversized filters to resist premature clogging. An external filter shaker handle keeps the main filter free of clogging dust and maintains maximum suction performance. Vacuum can filter up to 99.999% of fine powders and dust down to 0.3 microns. An onboard holder allows for convenient accessory storage.

Nilfisk-Advance America, Inc. , Booth 525

Water boiler

KN-10 one million BTUH water boiler includes a self-adaptive design to automatically respond to its installation and operating environment in a manner that retains efficiency and safety over the life of the boiler.

Hydrotherm , Booth 1103

Decision support

SKF Reliability Systems formed a technology venture named @ptitude to develop industrial decision support systems. @ptitude solutions are an effective alternative to manually accessing, analyzing, distributing, and storing information used to make maintenance and reliability decisions.

SKF USA, Inc. , Booth 241

Seal kits

Hercules Bulldog offers the largest selection of hydraulic and pneumatic seals and seal kits and specializes in heavy equipment, refuse, material handling, and manufacturing industries. It also carries a large inventory of replacement components, cylinders, pumps, motors, and valves. Items are in stock and ready for overnight delivery.

Hercules Bulldog , Booth 429

Metal safety flooring

Metal safety flooring products represent state-of-the-art technology in antislip metal plate, grate, ladder rings, and more. Super-hard 62 Rockwell on a “C’ scale surface provides unparalleled durability and traction in even the most demanding wear-abrasive and slippery environments.

SlipNOT , Booth 944

Material storage

Valley Craft’s storage and handling devices are designed for users in need of durable, reliable storage solutions in their work environments. Vari-Tuff brand high-capacity cabinet and portable cabinet lines are crafted of heavy-duty steel and manufactured to the highest standards to withstand years of rugged use.

Valley Craft, Inc. , Booth 1039

Technical references

Industrial Press has published technical references serving numerous fields and releases the 27th Edition of Machinery’s Handbook in April. The new edition brings together volumes of information and data gathered, revised, and improved upon by experts in the field. Highlights include 30% more math coverage and updated standards.

Industrial Press, Inc. , Booth 140

Space cooler

PC7 personal space cooler is ETL verified and offers an ideal cooling solution for individuals in any small business or office. The portable, self-contained unit includes a remote control, requires no installation, and can be plugged into a standard 110V power source when needed. PC7 provides up to 7000 BTU/hr, and its performance is backed by a warranty and a service team.

MovinCool , Booth 1330

Insulation resistance

1550B MegOhmMeter combines insulation resistance testing up to 5000 V with measurement storage and PC interface software, making it ideal for installation testing, preventive maintenance, and commissioning, The tester automatically calculates dielectric absorption and polarization index with no setup.

Fluke Corp. , Booth 317, 421


JASCO Battery offers a variety of batteries for almost any use, including emergency lighting, alarms, power tools, programmable controls, two-way radius, and uninterruptible power systems.

JASCO Battery Specialists, Inc. , Booth 653

Infrared camera

Model E4 provides a radiometric jpeg image format that allows image post-processing on the camera or on a PC. It also features three independent, movable spot temperature cursors and audible beep alarming for high, low, or temperature-difference thresholds. Earlier E-Series cameras are fully upgradeable to E4 specifications.

Flir Systems , Booth 1343


Oetiker manufactures various clamp styles in both zinc-plated steel and stainless steel with designs providing speed of installation, tamper resistance, and low-profile posture with a powerful, constant seal, which will hold against pressure, vacuum, vibration, and fluctuations in temperature. Clamps do not damage hose/tubing materials and are available as small as 2.5 mm closed diameter.

Oetiker, Inc. , Booth 728

Hydraulic oil

Shell TELLUS PLUS contains carefully selected and carefully balanced additives to provide optimal antiwear performance in vane, piston, and gear pumps. Advantages over competitors include oxidation stability, filterability, hydrolytic stability, and environmental friendliness.

Shell Lubricants , Booth 450

Leak detection

Oil-Glo 44 fluorescent leak detection dye is formulated for large-capacity industrial systems and comes in two variations — one fluoresces better under ultraviolet light and the other better under blue light. Regardless of the type of inspection lamp used, dye will glow brightly.

Spectronics Corp. , Booth 430


Ortho Mat antifatigue matting gives immediate foot and leg comfort to employees performing standing and walking tasks. The level horizontal surface provides comfort while maintaining nonslip characteristics, even in high concentrations of oil, grease, or food. About 50% of the shoe or boot will be in contact with the mat at all times.

Work Accessories, Inc. , Booth 958

LED lamps

3200K warm incandescent white LEDs and LED lamps are available in a variety of configurations, sizes, dispersion angles, packages, and standard electrical bases. Solid-state construction renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shocks, vibrations, frequent switchings, and environmental extremes. Lamps perform well in applications subjected to voltage dips or surges.

LEDtronics, Inc. , Booth 829

Measurement instruments

Raytek designs, manufactures, and services a complete line of infrared, noncontact temperature measurement instruments, including the ThermoView Ti30 thermal imager. This imager provides fast image scanning and radiometric measurements and saves images for downloading.

Raytek Corp. , Booth 251

Lever hoists

LB lever hoists combine well-known, premium-quality features and high performance in a new lightweight, low headroom design. The size and handle length have been reduced for ease of operation, transportation, and storage. Corrosion-resistant load chain is standard.

Harrington Hoists, Inc. , Booth 1031

Label holder

AngleVision combines a heavy-duty, clear plastic insertable label holder with a flexible “C” channel snap that retrofits the 1.00-1.12-in. diameter tubing used by major work station manufacturers. Tilt holder to any desired angle for maximum visibility and snap it off to relocate.

Aigner Index, Inc. , Booth 1421