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By Plant Engineering Staff December 7, 2005

Thank you for your interest in PLANT ENGINEERING. PLANT ENGINEERING

OUR MISSION: PLANT ENGINEERING is the problem-solving resource for industrial plant engineers. By providing useful technical and operational guidance, we help engineers solve problems, improve operations, increase profits, and ensure reliability in the design, selection, installation, operation, modification, and maintenance of industrial plant equipment and systems.

2007 Advertising Guidelines and Information
2007 Electronic Products Marketing Guide (12 page PDF)
2007 Media Kit (12 page PDF) 2007 Print
2007 Editorial Calendar (2 page PDF)
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2006 Advertising Guidelines and Information June 2005 BPA Statement
2006 Guide to Online Marketing (12 page PDF) 2006 Email Specifications (2 pages PDF) 2006 Website Specifications ( 2 pages PDF)

2006 PLANT ENGINEERING Media Kit (12 page PDF)
Editorial Advantage (1 page PDF)
Online Advantage (1 page PDF)
Circulation Advantage (1 page PDF) Marketing Partner Advantage (1 page PDF)
Custom Publishing (1 page PDF) 2006 Print Rates, Specifications, & Mechanical Requirements

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Ad specifications for digital advertising

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All links supplied by sponsor for digital advertising are considered

Delivery of ad materials:
Email directly to: AND copy email to
(email subject link should indicate

Please deliver ad materials 48 hours prior to requested launch date to allow for testing.

All banners and images should have a resolution of: 72 dpi

Banner and image formats: .gif, .jpg or flash formats. If submitting an ad that utilizes flash please submit the “fla” and an alternate gif file, in addition to the swf file.
Indexed Color or RGB Web safe colors.GIFS should be set at 8 bit (please note that GIFs will look better on computers that display 8 bit color-256 colors)Normal (images set at interlaces are not accepted)Animated banners: slow animation is preferred (maximum of 5 layers); blinking ads are prohibited.

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