Literature Offers – 2002-06-15

By Staff June 15, 2002

Hydraulic fittings

A brochure with 10,000 products is divided into five categories: O-ring face seal fittings, tube fittings and adapters, flareless bite type fittings, international fittings, and NWD technology fittings. Easy-to-read technical illustrations of the complete line of steel and stainless steel hydraulic tube fittings and adapters are included.

Brennan Industries

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Belt machines

Ideal for use on stainless steel, aluminum, sheet metal, and non-ferrous metals, abrasive belt machines are covered in a 12-p brochure. Models are available with a top control handle, extra heavy duty air motors, adjustable speed air motors, and pressure bars.

Dynabrade, Inc.

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Process heat and control

Nearly 300 pages are devoted to a line of process heat and control products, including flexible heaters, insertion heaters, and infrared heaters. Engineering and technical information — such as how to design a complete thermal system — are also supplied.


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Safety supplies

Helping keep workers safe is the aim of a 1624-p catalog filled with products and service companies. Topics include fall protection, protective clothing, hearing protection, first aid, respirators, and signs and labels.

Lab Safety Supply

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A comprehensive line of Multi-5 high intensity ballasts are detailed, including metal halide and high pressure sodium models, which are offered up to 1000 watts. Catalog numbers, ballast numerical quick reference, and appropriate lamp applications are provided.

Universal Lighting Technologies

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Gear drives

A catalog details spiral bevel gear drives in right angle, three-way, and counter-rotating configurations. All drives listed are available from stock with guaranteed 24-hour delivery.


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Material handling

The features and benefits of custom-designed, heavy-duty, and below-the-hook material handling equipment are explained in this catalog. Technical data sheets are referenced and demonstrate how productivity and efficiency can

be enhanced.

Bushman Equipment, Inc.

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Temperature control

The New Horizons in Temperature Measurement & Control features 42 Dilbert cartoons and the latest information and products made in the USA including non-contact IR temperature measurement; temperature probes and sensors; industrial meters and controllers; laboratory calibration equipment; and transmitters, recorders and data loggers for temperature and humidity measurement.

Omega Engineering, Inc.

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Project management

Encouraging a greater appreciation for project management’s impact on business performance, profitability, and competitiveness is a goal of a brochure titled “Process Discipline Leadership Results.” Services are offered in a variety of markets, including industrial.

Integrated Project Management Company, Inc.

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A catalog discusses single lamp switch/indicator and unlighted switches in series 60, C8, C8P, and 30. The products are designed to withstand severe environments in industrial markets and offer versatility.

StacoSwitch Company

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Pipeline strainers

Information on sizes, models, and types of basket and Y pipeline strainers is offered. The catalog lists the features and options of each strainer, provides color illustration, and introduces a new line of cast iron and cast bronze Y strainers in a special section.

Hayward Industrial Products

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Process media

Process media that removes chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and micro-organisms from water is featured in a leaflet. Process media enhances the performance of activated carbon, silver-impregnated media, and ion exchange resin in point-of-entry systems.

KDF Fluid Treatment, Inc.

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An 8-p catalog discusses standard service three piece ball valves, high performance three piece ball valves, two piece ball valves, flanged ball valves, and three and four way ball valves. Included are size ranges, port configurations, maximum pressure ratings, and options.

Marwin Valve

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Control monitor

Four pages contain information on the SmartMax II, a stand-alone digital monitor for area monitoring of hazardous gases and vapors. The product is ideal for a variety of applications, such as chemical and pharmaceutical plants.

Control Instruments Corporation

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Pump controllers

A product data bulletin for microprocessor-driven pump controllers provides information and specifications on the Technologic 500 Series combination pump logic controller and variable frequency drive capable of controlling up to a total of three pumps in parallel.

Bell & Gossett

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Bulletin HS-202 highlights a complete line of heating and temperature control products. More than 2000 standard models of etched element heaters with silicone rubber, Kapton, and mica insulation are featured. The 60-p bulletin also includes an expanded technical guide, system design information, and a range of accessory components.

Minco Products, Inc.

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Control, ball, and check valves are the focus of this brochure. Built to custom specifications and offered at competitive prices, in-line control valves handle pressures to 5000 psi and up to 40% higher flow rates.

Cyclonic Valve Company

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Industrial products

This catalog showcases more than 720-p of industrial products, including cabinets and lockers, shelving and racks, material storage, shop equipment, trucks and carts, drum handling, and safety products. Many of the items are in stock for immediate shipment from five nationwide distribution centers.

C&H Distributors, Inc.

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Custom, wide-span mezzanines, modular mezzanines, and installation accessories are described in a 24-p design guide. The literature covers four styles of mezzanine gates and provides details on ladders, stairs, landings, stair towers, conveyor crossovers, guardrails, and pallet drop guards.

W.A. Schmidt Inc.

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