Instruments and Controls – 2003-08-06

By Staff August 6, 2003

Noncontact current detector

DA30 is a noncontact current detector that locates current flow even where voltage detectors cannot work. The unit detects ac current from 200 mA to 1000 A through shielded wires, conduit, and metal circuit breaker junction boxes. Sensitivity adjustments help to locate wires and conduits through walls. The detector provides audible and visual indication when current-carrying conductors are located.

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Ethernet interface

The 1761-NET-ENI Series B module allows any computer on the connected Ethernet network to access controllers, allowing users to link without running additional network drops. This allows production data, alarm messages, or other status information to be sent to any computer, cellular phone, or pager capable of receiving email messages. The module uses existing cable, hubs, switches, and routers. The interface supports up to six connections. An optional module offers a web-enabled Ethernet interface.

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Power meter

Power Meter 800 features easy-to-read, large characters and offers users the ability to view current or voltage for all three phases, plus neutral, at one time. The meter combines data collection capabilities with proprietary firmware, giving it the capability to automatically forecast power usage. Users can access real-time trend plots as well as averages and demand metering.

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Signal conditioner

Waveanalog OLP is an output loop-powered signal conditioner for use in converting and isolating control signals while deriving the power to operate from the output 4—20-mA current loop. This feature simplifies most applications by eliminating the need for a power supply and associated wiring from remote locations. The signal conditioner uses pluggable connectors that allow easy, quick installation and maintenance. Its slim design allows higher density in panel construction. The signal conditioner has DIP-switch selectable inputs of 4—20 mA, 0—20 mA, 0—5 Vdc, or 0—10 Vdc.

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Handheld manometer

HHP680, a low-cost, versatile, handheld manometer, is portable and simple to use. It comes with tubing, fitting, soft carrying case, and batteries. Typical applications include HVAC, commercial, industrial, and automotive.

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Compact data loggers

TK500 and SK500 are compact, economical data loggers that feature tractability to NIST and sizes slightly larger than a quarter. TK500 is used for temperature applications; SK500 is used for humidity applications. Models feature delayed-start capability, data storage for nearly 4000 sample points, and accuracy of

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Sensor catalog

Sensor Solutions for the Automation Industry is a 447-p catalog that has been updated for 2003 and provides technical information on sensor products offered by the company. Products are divided into four sensor technology categories: inductive and capacitive proximity sensors, including distance measuring versions; photoelectric and laser sensors featuring background suppression, diffuse, retroreflective, through-beam, and distance measuring examples; ultrasonic sensors in proximity and distance measuring configurations; and precision limit switches.

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Heat and control catalog

The Big Red Book is an 892-p catalog that includes technical specifications and application information on more than 30,000 industrial products. This heat and control systems catalog provides installation tips, reference guides, process industry application maps, and product selection guides. A controls technical section and electrical heating glossary have been added to the reference section. Products new to the catalog include high-efficiency SCR packs, microprocessor-based control panels, high-temperature cartridge heaters, hazardous-duty heat trace cables, infrared heaters, and portable blower heaters.

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Timers and controls catalog

Proximity Controls catalog, new for 2003, focuses on position indicators, switches, transmitters, and industrial level controls. The catalog includes technical and application information. It also contains information on the company’s new VPS Valve Position Sensor, which is designed for direct actuator mounting while maintaining mounting dimensions for positioner installation.

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