Instruments and Controls – 2002-09-15

By Staff September 15, 2002

Modular system

The Entek XM series has been introduced to help manufacturers improve uptime of rotating equipment. Consisting of a network of intelligent modules, the series continuously monitors and protects plant floor machinery simultaneously. Until now, equipment monitoring and protection had to be accomplished by more than one system. The information gathered allows maintenance professionals to identify developing faults in equipment so they may be corrected before catastrophic failure. The system monitors based on actual asset condition, instead of a manufacturer’s recommended preventive maintenance best-guess schedules. Rockwell Automation Write 329 on PE card

Three-year warranty for infrared temperature measurement products

A 3-yr warranty is now offered as standard on a range of infrared temperature measurement products. In addition to thermometers and signal processors, the warranty also covers a number of application-specific systems, such as those for aluminum extrusion, glass optical fibers, and flat glass systems. Land Instruments International Write 330 on PE card

Humidity transmitter with voltage or current output

Model HX92A is an inexpensive, 2-wire humidity transmitter with either voltage or current output. The output is linearized, and relative humidity readings are temperature compensated. The thin-film polymer capacitor that senses relative humidity is protected by a stainless steel mesh-type filter, which can be removed for cleaning. OMEGA Engineering, Inc. Write 331 on PE card


Portable refractometer, model RF40, measures propylene glycol and ethylene glycol freeze points from -50 to 32 F, and the specific gravity of battery acid from 1.15 to 1.30. It provides accurate and repeatable measurements on easily read scales. Only 3 drops of solution are required to make a measurement. It includes a carrying case and calibration screwdriver. Extech Instruments Corp. Write 332 on PE card

Insulation tester

Model 5060 is an automated 5000 V insulation tester that provides insulation measurements to 10000 G-ohms. Test results include DAR, PI, capacitance, leakage current, and user-programmed test voltages and run times. The instrument has an RS-232 serial interface and an extensive memory function, which permits storage in files specific to the device under test. AEMC Instruments Write 333 on PE card

Transducer bulletin

Bulletin 104 is available to aid in the selection of high intensity microphones and piezoelectric pressure transducers for special applications. The bulletin includes technical notes, glossary of terms, specifications for standard and high-temperature sensors, and dimensional drawings for each unit. Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. Write 334 on PE card

Level and flow handbook

A Technical Handbook, covering level and flow sensing and measurement applications has been introduced. The newly revised reference provides information relative to steam curves, dielectric properties, and dimensional information on flanges. It also contains conversions, equivalents, properties, and pipe data. Magnetrol International Write 335 on PE card

Flowmeter information

Bulletin describes Model 600-9/9500 Thermal Mass Flowmeter, with integral microprocessor, for flow measurement of liquids, slurries, gases, and homogeneous solids. Flow path is nonintrusive and there are no moving parts or electrical contact to flowing medium. Bulletin contains design features and specifications. Thermal Instrument Co. Write 336 on PE card