Instruments – 2002-11-15

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By Staff November 15, 2002

Analyzer indicates damaged bearings

Leonova is a hand-held machine condition analyzer. The modular function analyzer, which can be upgraded, measures shock pulse, SPM spectrum, overall vibration, full spectrum analysis, two plane balancing, and process signal collection as 0-10 Vdc or 4-20 mA signals. Bearing condition data is displayed with green, yellow, or red indicators. The spectrum indicates which bearing component is damaged, while the condition values show the degree of damage. SPM Instrument, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 5 ON BALLOT For more information, write 5 on card

Instrument detects hazardous gases

PULSAR+ Single-Gas Detector is used to detect carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, and oxygen deficiency in confined spaces. It can be used in oil, gas, chemical, steel and iron, construction, utilities, fire service, and other industrial applications. Features include an easy to read display, one button autocalibration, a distinctive alarm system, replaceable battery, replaceable sensor, and is user-configurable. MSA, Instrument Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 94 ON BALLOT For more information, write 94 on card

Wireless system transmits datalogger information

Wireless Transmitting System (WTS) is a wireless datalogging system for remote monitoring of up to 200 dataloggers on one computer from up to 400-ft away. The system integrates a TempLog or RH/TempLog datalogger, cradle, receiver, and software to record data and send the information to a single computer. Cradles transmit data in different time slots according to their ID numbers to prevent data collision. Oakton Instruments, Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 22 ON BALLOT For more information, write 22 on card

System measures machine cycle time

FactoryPulse Block-Starve Technology detects, measures, and analyzes machine cycle time, evaluates downtime, and quantifies running capacity. It enables users to determine peak productivity periods, output loss due to tool wearing, overtime effectiveness, and actual vs. ideal part-to-part cycle time. Included are sensors, data collector, and software. FactoryWare, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 102 ON BALLOT For more information, write 102 on card

Mounting accessories protect sensors

Signal-Quick is a family of sensor mounting accessories that minimizes sensor damage and equipment downtime through spring-loaded and protective mounting options. It eliminates the need to fabricate custom sensor mounting brackets and increases the functionality of conventional proximity sensors. Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems ; TO VOTE, WRITE 74 ON BALLOT For more information, write 74 on card

Thermometer visible in low light

GlowDial is a bimetal thermometer with a glowing dial, reflective pointer, and clips. The luminescent dial can be read from a distance using a flashlight. Accuracy is Tel-Tru Manufacturing Co. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 104 ON BALLOT For more information, write 104 on card

IR thermometer takes pictures

PhotoTemp MX6 is an infrared thermometer that measures temperature remotely while digitally photographing the measured area and its surroundings. Locations are instantly captured in a digital photo with a time and date stamp in the image. True Spot eliminates the need for a viewfinder because it indicates the temperature measurement location. Raytek Corp. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 124 ON BALLOT For more information, write 124

Videoscope inspects remotely

iPLEX videoscope system is a self contained, totally integrated, portable, remote visual inspection system. It has stereo measurement and image management software that uses compact flash technology. Features include a detachable LCD monitor, small insertion tube, remote control, recording card slot, video output terminal, USB connector, S-video I/O terminal, multifunction CCU, shock resistant case, 50 W metal halide lamp, insertion tube winding handle, and angulation driving motor. Olympus Optical Co., Industrial Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 147 ON BALLOT For more information, write 147 on card

Sensor resists impact

Eight-mm diameter Pile Driver is a metal-faced inductive sensor that has a 100% stainless steel housing to resist corrosion, impact, and washdown with a high-pressure spray. It is designed to last 20 times longer than conventional plastic-faced sensors. The housing has a 0.016-mm sensing face that can be flush-mounted in steel and is seamless, therefore impervious to liquids and chemicals. Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 125 ON BALLOT For more information, write 125 on card

Sensor rejects nontargeted objects

iProx is a microprocessor-based, field programmable and adaptable proximity sensor that offers background rejection, band sensing, and position sensing. It tunes out nontargeted metallic objects while sensing objects at a field-selectable distance. A selectable range and hysteresis permits adapting to tight tolerance or high vibration applications. Eaton Corp., Sensors Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 151 ON BALLOT For more information, write 151 on card

Camera uses lookup table

TM-2016-8 is a miniature, very high resolution, high-speed monochrome, progressive-scan CCD camera with a 16:9 aspect ratio, similar to that of HDTV. Used for machine vision, it combines high resolution with a programmable lookup table, which features externally selectable knee slopes that allow users to use the CCDs full dynamic range. PULNiX America, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 134 ON BALLOT For more information, write 134 on card

Transceiver makes PDAs wireless

IRMINT wireless transceiver provides a wireless link between a PDA and communication devices. It collects energy information that can be synchronized and opened with spreadsheet software; is password protected for setpoint and control functions; and supports up to 64 products per channel. It provides a display of setpoints, metered values, and product remote control through a handheld device. Eaton | Cutler-Hammer, Power Quality Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 158 ON BALLOT For more information, write 158 on card

Test gauge speaks seven languages

Type 2089 is a precision digital test gauge that features an accuracy of 0.05% of full scale reading, is intrinsically safe, and meets CE, CSA, FM approved Class 1, Division 1 requirements. Total error band includes temperature from 0 to 150 F, linearity, repeatability, and hysteresis. It is backlit, has 12 engineering units, seven languages, four update rates, and five dampening rates. Dresser Instruments ; TO VOTE, WRITE 161 ON BALLOT For more information, write 161 on card

Locator maps image

NaviTrack locates underground pipe, cable, and utility lines and features a large, real time LCD mapping image and an audible signal strength indicator. It pinpoints the exact location and depth of buried pipes and drains, cast iron pipes, water lines, electrical lines, telephone lines, and other metallic cables when they are energized. It operates in search, map, and trace modes. Ridge Tool Co. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 191 ON BALLOT For more information, write 191 on card

IR camera detects electrical and mechanical faults

ThermaCAM E2 is an intelligent, lightweight IR measurement camera. It weighs 1.5 lb, 50% less than other IR inspection cameras. It features a built-in color display, long-life battery, temperature measurement, and in-field JPEG image storage capabilities. Images can be automatically downloaded to a PC through USB or RS-232 connections for inspection report generation. FLIR Systems, Thermography Products Div. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 176 ON BALLOT For more information, write 176 on card

Module converts IR to analog

OSM101 is a low-cost, battery-powered, portable infrared-to-analog converter module. It measures a temperature range of 0 to 1000 F and provides a compensated, K-type thermocouple output. There is a laser circle for aiming and indicating the optical field of view. Each unit comes with a 3.5 Vdc lithium battery, user manual, and an SMP male-to-male, K-type, retractable cable. OMEGA Engineering, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 197 ON BALLOT For more information, write 197 on card

Detector finds objects through concrete

PS 20 is a detection device that helps prevent damage and injuries when drilling into concrete. It can find rebars, metallic conduit, and live electrical cables in concrete up to 4-in. deep. The handheld tool operates on four AA batteries for more than 40 hr. It includes a marking sensor head that allows users to mark the exact location of rebar, water pipes, conduit, or electrical wire. Hilti, Inc., Laser Measuring and Positioning Systems Business Unit ; TO VOTE, WRITE 190 ON BALLOT For more information, write 190 on card

Interface accepts legacy transmitters

HIM is a smart HART loop interface and monitor that allows up to three additional analog process variable measurements from a smart HART device with no additional process penetrations or wiring. It allows leaving exiting smart transmitters in place and features two individually configurable high/low process and loop diagnostic alarms, 5-digit display, DIN-rail mounting, and PC programmability. Moore Industries-International, Inc. ; TO VOTE, WRITE 203 ON BALLOT For more information, write 203 on card