Implementation of advanced decision support ADS on a distillation column

Simplified HMI graphics are offered as a solution for advanced decision support (ADS) at the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition.

By Anisa Samarxhiu September 10, 2014
Dr. Anand Vennavelli of Fractionation Research Inc. presented a solution for advance decision support: collecting process data and converting it into something that can be used for decision making. Keeping with the tone of the 2014 Yokogawa Users Conference and Exhibition, Vennavelli stressed the importance of the human factor. He said computers are good for analyzing data and humans are good at making decisions. 

Each system has constantly changing intervals and this solution proposes using human machine interface (HMI) graphics to gather information for operators. Neutral colors show the areas where everything is working correctly and brightly colored areas show where something is not. It allows the operator to assess the situation and see what’s wrong faster. 

The interface uses logic similar to a flowchart and its effectiveness depends on the automation. The benefits that come from this simplified version of the HMI graphics include safety, standardization of procedures, and productivity improvements in startup times and improved transition efficiency.  

-Anisa Samarxhiu, Digital Project Manager, CFE Media,

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