HVAC – 2004-10-10

By Staff October 10, 2004

Dust collector stays on-line

Model BDC dust collector is a self-cleaning, continuous-duty system available in eight sizes to fit a wide variety of requirements. Pulse-jet cleaning pulses-off captured dust and cleans the filter while the system remains online. With minimal pressure drop, the units multiple filter options maintain 99.99+% filtration efficiency.

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Speed-controlled fans

KH Series fans feature a 100% speed-controlled, external rotor motor and backward curved impellers made of aluminum. Impeller diameters range from 9.84 to 27.95 in. The closed motor offers Class IP 44 protection against humidity, with maintenance-free sealed ball bearings. Air volume is adjustable using pressure and temperature controls.

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Small heat exchangers

Brazepak heat exchangers are designed for applications requiring high performance in a small size. A special brazing process is used to bond 316 stainless steel plates, which feature a corrugated design for maximum turbulation and high heat transfer in a small surface area. No bulky pressure-retaining parts are needed.

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High-efficiency air filters

V-bank Durafil air filters combine energy efficiency and long service life with plastic construction to reduce weight and resist corrosion. The filter is available in four high efficiencies: MERV 11, 13, 14, and 16 based on ASHRAE 52.2 (60-65%, 80-85%, 90-95%, and 99% based on ASHRAE 52.1 Dust Spot).

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IAQ monitor

A complete indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring solution combines HOBO data loggers with a Telaire 7001 carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) monitor. It can measure and record CO 2 along with temperature and relative humidity in a broad range of IAQ applications. It measures and outputs CO 2 levels over the range of 0 to 2500 ppm with a 10-ppm resolution.

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Cool loading docks

Dock Door Heat Relief System cools loading docks by directly evaporating fine water droplets into the environment, causing a reduction in ambient temperature and stabilizing relative humidity. The system uses pumps and controls with ventilators to produce cooling airflow. Temperatures de-crease 8—14 F, which feels like a 10—30 F drop to employees.

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