HVAC – 2004-08-09

By Staff August 9, 2004

HVAC seminars

A summer and fall schedule is available for air conditioning and refrigeration, and heating and ventilating seminars. Hands-on exercises provide system and component familiarization; demonstrate pressure-temperature relationships, gauge attachment and removal, refrigerant recovery, charging a system with refrigerant, and more.

National Technology Transfer, Inc. , nttinc.com , Write 312 on PE card

Handy blowers

A line of high-performance, portable venturi blowers offers the perfect solution for quickly and easily moving fumes that may be explosive, or hazardous. Four models feature a galvanized diffuser, cast aluminum inlet housing and a carrying handle. Adapters, connectors, storage bags, and racks are available.

Allegro Industries , allegrosafety.com , Write 313 on PE card

Efficient bag filters

Hilco Bag Filter Cartridges are intended to increase the filtration efficiency of existing bag filter housings while reducing labor and other associated costs of frequent bag change-outs. Each cartridge is designed with an external O-ring that seals on the inside diameter of the basket, eliminating traditional bag bypassing concerns.

The Hilliard Corp. , hilliardcorp.com , Write 314 on PE card

No overcooling

Predator MagnaDRY convertible, single-package rooftop unit combines the high efficiency of the Predator series with an advanced dehumidification system that allows maximum dehumidification independent of the cooling load. The unit provides high levels of moisture removal and maintains humidity levels below setpoints eliminating costly swings of overcooling.

York Intl., UPG , yorkupg.com , Write 315 on PE card

Vacuum filters fines

CFM 217 vacuum has the power of a large industrial vacuum in a compact, portable, and easy-to-use machine. The unit includes a HEPA exhaust filter. The multistage filtration system traps 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.

Nilfisk-Advance America , n-aa.com , Write 316 on PE card

Pocket hygrometer

Lufft E200 pocket thermo-hygrometer with fixed probe is small in size (67/ 8 in. x 17/ 8 in. x 1 in.). A thumb wheel operates all the menus and functions such as max. and min. temperatures, averages, dewpoint, absolute humidity, and hold. Automatically shuts itself off. Temperature range is -4 to 122 F with

Abbeon Cal, Inc. , abbeonl.com , Write 317 on PE card

Leak detection

A free, 6-p, full color brochure provides practical information on three tools for adding fluorescent dye to AC&R systems: a multidose dye injector and dye capsules for small to medium-size systems, a multidose injector for medium to large systems, and bottled dyes for very large systems. There is information on leak detection lamps.

Spectronics Corp. , spectroline.com , Write 318 on PE card