HVAC – 2004-02-10

By Staff February 10, 2004

Energy savings calculator

ENERGY-CALC is an online program that estimates dollars saved by using gas humidification rather than electric. It allows users to select items from pull-down menus and calculates annual energy savings. In many locations, savings are so significant electric units can be replaced and the energy savings pay for the cost and installation.

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Refrigerant purger

HPP-3 Series high-pressure refrigerant purger is designed to provide high-efficiency, automatic, noncondensable purging from high-pressure refrigerant (R-12, 22, 134a, 500, etc.) systems in large-tonnage process cooling chillers. It removes oil, acid, and moisture from a chiller’s refrigerant charge. Models are available with explosion-proof enclosures.

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Large fans

Airvolution industrial, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans with Whisperfoil airfoil blades are the ideal solution for cooling and ventilation of large, open environments. They are designed for maximum performance and energy efficiency in warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Each fan uses a 1-hp motor and moves air at 3-7 mph.

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