Honda shifts manufacturing focus

Honda Motor Co. will cut production of its Pilot, and ramp up Accord manufacturing.

By Plant Engineering Staff October 14, 2008

The Wall Street Journal

Honda’s Lincoln, AL. plant “will cut production of the Pilot by 8,000 units, or 32%, in November, and again in the first quarter by about 14,000 units,” according to spokesman Ed Miller. “Taken with an earlier announced reduction,” the automaker “will have cut output of the vehicle by 11% from the beginning of August to the end of March next year.”

Bloomberg News ill also make more 4-cylinder Accords at Marysville.”

Bloomberg News notes that “Honda’s moves follow a 13% slide in U.S. industry-wide sales this year through September, triggered by elevated gasoline prices and worsened by a credit crunch.” Of “the six largest automakers in the U.S., only Tokyo-based Honda has increased its North American vehicle output from a year earlier.”

The Associated Press also covered the story.