By Staff August 1, 2005

Air heaters

Direct gas-fired air heaters (certified to the new ANSI Standard Z83.4) that are capable of achieving 160 degrees F maximum temperature rise with a discharge temperature of 160 degrees F at 0 degrees F outdoor air temperature. The technology improvements mean a higher BTU/CFM ratio, smaller units, lower hp motors and the ability to heat a building using less outside air. This results in lower energy costs to heat warehouses, manufacturing plants and other large commercial/industrial buildings.

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Heat transfer fluid

PG-1 is a high quality food-grade heat transfer fluid for use in closed loop, liquid phase heating and cooling systems. It is non-toxic white mineral oil with an operating temperature of more than 600 degrees F. In the chemical process industry, the fluid is used for temperature control of batch reactors and in heat recovery from process streams and exhaust gases in large central systems where multiple heat users are involved. It contained no components recognized as hazardous chemicals under OSHA Hazard Communication Standard and is also FDA certified and USDA acceptable.

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Furnace lining spray

Met-Silcast, a spray-on nanoparticulate refractory, is now available for furnace construction and repair in the glass, petrochemical, and copper industries. It can be applied in hours to create a low-cost, renewable furnace lining that improves end-product quality and operational performance, while dramatically reducing downtime as well as construction and maintenance costs. It consists of a pumpable, colloidal silica-bonded, monolithic refractory material that is superior to traditional brick refractory.

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