Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

By Staff November 1, 2003

Efficient boiler uses aluminum

MACH Series condensing hot water boilers combine the latest cast aluminum metallurgy with advanced burner and control technologies. The boiler is certified at 92% efficiency. It operates across a 5:1 turndown ratio, which is infinitely adjustable from 20% to 100% of rating, resulting in the ultimate in condensing efficiency.

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Small fan moves large volumes

Vertical fan is a moveable, 8-ft, high-volume, low-speed fan that can circulate air at up to 38,000 cfm. It employs a 1-hp motor with a gear reducer that can use less than $.05/hr in electricity, on average. The fan uses 10 airfoils to move a massive amount of air at a relatively low speed, producing 5 to 10 times the airflow of standard fans.

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Compact water heater is expandable

Easiheat is an advanced steam water heating system. It utilizes the latest plate-and-frame heat exchanger technology designed especially for steam service. The unique design allows for high efficiencies within a minimal amount of space. The plate heat exchanger allows for ease of cleaning and future expansion. Single wall and double wall systems are available.

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Condenser handles low-pressure vapors

AlfaCond is a plate condenser specifically developed for condensing vapors under low-pressure, low-vacuum conditions in evaporation and distillation systems. It is ideal for replacing direct condensers and indirect shell-and-tube condensers. The unit is designed for vacuum condensation with one large vapor inlet, two small condensate outlets, and medium-sized water connections.

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Purger removes chiller contaminants

Industrial OAM-Purger removes oil, acid, and moisture from a centrifugal chiller’s refrigerant charge. The oil is automatically returned to the chiller’s oil sump. The clean refrigerant charge restores the chiller to peak efficiency and can have a purger payback of as little as 3 to 4 mo. The purger helps to reduce maintenance and prevent breakdowns.

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Read humidity and temperature

Model RH101 is a combination humidity meter and infrared thermometer that features a large, backlit, dual display. The infrared thermometer has a built-in laser pointer and an 8:1 distance-to-target ratio. The humidity sensor, with 39-in. coiled cable, provides readings for humidity and ambient temperature.

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A-C unit is portable and self-contained

Office Pro 10 air conditioner is fully self-contained with no installation necessary. It is simply wheeled in, plugged into a 120-V outlet, and turned on, instantly providing 10,000 Btu of cooling. It features a built-in supply and return airflow to the condenser, drawing in outside air to cool the condenser and exhausting hot air out of the room.

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