Fundamentals of dc operation & repair tips, St. Louis, MO, Jan. 26–27, 2007

By Plant Engineering Staff December 5, 2006

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. is offering a public seminar titled “Fundamentals of dc operation & repair tips” in St. Louis, MO on Jan. 26—27, 2007. It will be held at Crowne Plaza St. Louis Airport, 11228 Lone Eagle Dr.

St. Louis, MO.

The seminar will cover dc machine theory and operation, as well as repair tips. Topics will include testing and winding of armatures, fields, interpoles and compensating windings, machine work, balancing, assembly and final testing. The theory portion is structured so that it can be grasped by entry-level personnel, while the overall material is in-depth enough that those with 30 years of experience or more will benefit.

Seminar highlights include:

  • DC machine operation explained pictorially

  • Importance of symmetry to proper performance

  • Disassembly, test and inspection tips

  • Comparison and explanation of electrical test methods

  • Data-taking tips, with emphasis on critical information

  • Commutation and commutation difficulties

  • Armature and field winding tips

  • Field compounding

  • Assembly tips and test methods

  • Accessories, including tachometers

  • Troubleshooting techniques

    • The seminar leaders are technical support specialist Chuck Yung (left)EASA’s newsletter, CURRENTS, as well as the trade press.
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