Forward thinking: Player Group alliance seeks to maximize ROI via integrated planning

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff December 3, 2008

Dallas-based consulting firm The Player Group LLC , which manages and operates the North America region for the Beyond Budgeting Round Table , an international shared learning network, will offer Enterprise Optimizer (EO), a planning and modeling software platform developed by River Logic , to improve client company performance through enhanced insight and understanding.

Specifically, Player Group will use EO to holistically model a client’s enterprise, and connect planning across all functional silos, and simultaneously conduct constraint-based modeling, activity-based costing, and full financial modeling in a single representation.

The holistic approach to planning identifies the plans and decisions that will deliver the greatest financial impact to the client’s organization.

Says Steve Player, founder and managing director of The Player Group, “Enterprise Optimizer is literally changing the way business leaders see their operations and make decisions. By combining constraint-based modeling and activity-based costing with full financial modeling, organizations have the ability to integrate forward-looking approaches.”