Fluid Handing

By Staff November 1, 2003

Mag pump can run dry

EZMAG is an ANSI metallic, magnetic drive pump. Chemical and abrasion-resistant silicon carbide bearings provide failsafe, dry run protection. Cartridge-mounted bearings result in fast and easy inspection and maintenance. The pump features a seamless, weld-free, Hastelloy C containment shell. Close-coupled configuration eliminates the need for alignment.

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Wafer valve is compact

MK75 sliding gate wafer control valve is ultra-compact and lightweight. Advantages over globe valves include: short stroke, low force requirements, excellent turndown ratios, reduced cavitation damage to the valve and trim, and cost reduction. The valve reduces the space and weight of the final control element by up to 90%. Valves are available in 3, 4, and 6-in. sizes.

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Dewatering bag is reusable

Ultra-Dewatering Bag can be used for large jobs and heavy sediment loads of silt or dirt and is reusable. A large opening allows easy access to, and removal of, trapped sediment. Galvanized steel locking rods are quickly and easily installed to secure the bag opening during dewatering. Bags are available in two sizes; 3 ft by 5 ft and 5 ft by 7 ft.

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Coupling transmits data

Smart Coupling Technology provides critical data used to achieve control of fluid connections. The device combines the power and control of RFID and wireless ID technologies with the reliability and ease-of-use of connection devices. The insert portion contains a radio frequency tag that is programmed with unique product data and communicates with a wide variety of devices.

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Valve takes small samples

Quik Sampling Valve is designed for taking small, controlled, liquid samples. The valve meets ANSI Seat Leakage Class VI. It has a bubble-tight shutoff, soft seat, spring-to-close, fail-safe design; live-loaded packing for reliable, leak-free service; and a 45-deg outlet for easy sampling. The low valve profile is ideal where space is limited.

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Pipe gasket covers all types

Style 800 universal pipe gaskets can effectively seal all piping types, is chemically inert, and works at up to 600 F and 3000 psi. In meeting these requirements, it achieves a T3 (gastight) seal over the widest installation window. This large zone provides added safety in use. While still a 100% ePTFE gasket, it has the creep resistance of graphite.

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Condensate pump is reliable

GP14 Powertrap is a technologically advanced system for pumping high-temperature condensate from vented receivers and sumps. The unit is designed for extended reliability with no cavitation or seal leakage. The non-electric design includes a highly durable Inconel compression spring. The contoured body design provides significant energy savings.

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Diaphragm pump driven by natural gas

G Series double diaphragm pumps are certified by CSA to meet oil and gas industry specifications. While fully groundable, it is the only pump designed to be safely driven by sweet and sour natural gas. Materials of construction include aluminum or 316 stainless steel with Buna or PTFE diaphragms and check balls.

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Seals provide quick installation

Streamline S-Series mechanical pump seals use a single, fully featured seal gland to house sealing cassettes for either a single or dual configuration. The “cassette within a cartridge” design reduces the cost and workflow related to sealing and resealing centrifugal process pumps. Installation is incrementally faster with a two-step “bolt-and-go” design.

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Screen changer moves easily

HSC manual, discontinuous screen changer has a lever system for easy slide operation. Hand movement of the slide-plate and filter is made effortless with a torque multiplier design. The unit operates leak-free through a pressure-activated seal. The mounting system fits directly on an extruder or gear pump without an adapter.

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Mag separator cleans paint lines

FerrX 5000 is a magnetic separation device that removes weld balls and other ferrous metal from phosphate cleaning tanks used in the painting process. The self-cleaning cycle automatically purges these particles into a waste stream. No disassembly or daily maintenance is required. A PLC controls the cleaning cycle and purge time for removal of ferrous particles.

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Pump handles difficult fluids

PowerFlow pump handles adhesives, sealants, paints, food products, and chemical and industrial wastes. The pump offers low maintenance and long life due to hardened tool steel or hardened 17-4 PH stainless steel pumping elements. A single mechanical seal features a positively driven dynamic face, sealed compression springs outside the fluid flow, and easy installation.

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