Final Arc Flash University Webcast highlights protection schemes

Nov. 19 event will describe a new method for arc-to-arc energy transfer

By Bob Vavra November 12, 2009

Current methods of arc flash energy reduction typically fall in one of three categories: hi-speed circuit protection, electrical enclosure containment, and crowbars that divert the arc energy into a bolted fault.
The fourth in the four-part Arc Flash University Webcast series sponsored by Plant Engineering and GE will describe a new method for arc-to-arc energy transfer. The arc is transferred from the equipment into a containment device. This is achieved without the need to introduce bolted fault current, and it limits damage to electrical equipment. The incident energy, in accordance with IEEE 1584 at 24 inches from the arc event, will be less than 1.2 cal/cm2, which is equivalent to HRC0, for a 480V HRG systems with available fault currents up to 100kA.
The Webcast on Thursday, Nov. 19 at 1 p.m. CDT
Arc Flash University registrants who attend 3 of the 4 Webcasts will receive CEU credit, and can qualify to receive Arc Flash University merchandise.
Register for the event on Thursday, Nov. 19. If you’re too busy on the live dates, register anyway and view the event on demand at your convenience.

Author Bio: Bob is the Content Manager for Plant Engineering.