By Staff May 6, 2003

Cost estimating handbook

Facilities Manager’s 2003 Costbook with CD-ROM provides access to 20,000 up-to-date costs covering new construction, repair, remodeling, and maintenance for all types of buildings. Geographic cost modifiers are provided for 233 regions and cities. The CD contains a cost-estimating software program and a construction dictionary. Price is $99.95. BNi Building News bnibooks.com Write 300 on PE card

Concrete stain remover

Pour-N-Restore removes oil, grease, transmission and brake fluids, antifreeze, and even wax stains from concrete and masonry. It works by penetrating into masonry or concrete where is captures the staining modules. As it dries, it changes into an absorbent powder. After a few hours, powder can be swept away taking the stain with it. Edgewater Industries pour-n-restore.com Write 301 on PE card

Concrete mixes

“Admixtures for Use in Concrete” (CD039) provides a course on the mainstream chemical admixtures used in concrete: air entrainment, water reducers, accelerators, and retarders. Users learn how these mechanisms affect fresh and hardened concrete properties.

“Introduction to Concrete Mix Design” (CD040) teaches the fundamentals for designing the proper concrete mix to satisfy performance requirements. CD presents a step-by-step approach to selecting mix characteristics based on intended use, exposure conditions, size and shape of element, and physical properties of the concrete. Portland Cement Association portcement.org Write 302 on PE card

Roof coatings

Energy Seal roof coatings include ceramic and butyl-based coatings to stop leaks, save energy, and extend the lives of roofs. They can be used over built-up, metal, single-ply, modified bitumen, and polyurethane foam roofs. Cost is usually less than 50% of tear-off and replace roofing projects. Finished system provides tough, flexible, bright-white membrane that reflects up to 90% of UV rays. Advance Coating Systems energy-seal.com Write 303 on PE card

Crack filler

CON-CRAX is a self-leveling, pourable, gray crack filler for exterior concrete. Acrylic sealant is usable from the squeeze bottle and repairs cracks to 1/2-in. wide and 1-in. deep. Flexible sealant requires no troweling and dries quickly. One gallon fills 60 ft of 1/2-in. by 1/2-in. cracks. Revere Products revereproducts.com Write 304 on PE card

Door safety zone

I-Zone Area Detection System utilizes infrared technology to sense pedestrians before they are in the door opening and prevents the door from beginning to close when a person enters the 7-ft safety zone. Each IR sensor looks out in front of both sides of the opening. Rite-Hite Doors, Inc. ritehite.com Write 305 on PE card

Industrial floor finish

Ultimate Industrial Floor Finish is a multipurpose coating designed to be applied by inplant personnel. The 100%-epoxy, two-step finish is resistant to chemicals, oils, tire marks, steam, water, heavy traffic, and many other materials. High-gloss coating will not fade and costs less than $0.575/sq ft. Material can also be thinned for use as a paint. Ryzel Corp. Write 306 on PE card

Flooring underlayment

Dex-O-Tex Vapor-Shield is a polymer-modified, trowel-applied compound designed for use under finished flooring where high levels of moisture vapor transmission are present in the concrete substrate. It also serves as an underlayment for smooting, leveling, or flattening surfaces or to provide slope to a drain. Coating contains no hydrocarbon solvents and has no significant odor. Crossfield Products Corp. dexotex.com Write 307 on PE card

Durable roofing system

RubberGard Platinum roofing system comprises a durable 90-mil-thick EPDM membrane fully adhered to HailGard composite insulation and seamed with the QuickSeam tape system. Membrane provides uninterrupted, weatherable surface without internal reinforcements, backings, coatings, or coverings and is puncture resistant to 19.2 lb of force. Firestone Building Products Co. firestonebpco.com Write 308 on PE card

Crevice filler

Fixmaster SuperGrout is an aggregate filled epoxy system that allows for grouting as deep as 18 in. The 100%-solids material is nonshrinking and chemical resistant. Stronger than concrete, it withstands high torque loading, is self-leveling, and suitable for use under rails and sole plates, making it an ideal compound for use in installing and leveling heavy equipment. Loctite Corp. loctite.com Write 309 on PE card