Environment, Safety and Health Instruments

By Staff November 1, 2003

Foam allows for safe installation

Chico SpeedSeal is a two-part, high- density foam that expands, then hardens like cement resulting in an inexpensive, safe, explosion-proof seal in electrical conduit and other tubing. It is packaged in an injectable delivery system and replaces manual measuring and mixing of cement compounds and water. The installation takes less than 5 min and sets up in less than 20 min. The older traditional method required up to 90 min to mix and pour the compound and more than 24 hr to cure.

Cooper Crouse Hinds : crouse-hinds.com , TO VOTE, WRITE 12 ON BALLOT For more information, write 12 on card

Goggle uses ventilation system

Revolution is a goggle designed specifically to protect against chemical splashes, dust, and impact. Indirect ventilation system is made of intricate paths and channels to keep air flowing and moisture or chemical splashes out. Antifog, antiscratch, and antistatic coating ensures a clean lens and provides 99.9% UV protection. The goggle was field tested in severe applications and offers unprecedented optics for extreme visual clarity in all conditions. Optional prescription inserts can eliminate need for glasses under the goggle.

American Allsafe Co : americanallsafe.com , TO VOTE, WRITE 41 ON BALLOT For more information, write 41 on card

Deck captures contaminated water in bladder

Ultra-DeconDecks are the perfect replacement for decontamination pools, with a patented bladder system that unfurls for additional containment and prevents the responder from contacting contaminated materials. System contains 99 gal of liquid and can be utilized as a multi or single-station field decontamination system. It is designed for use by hazardous materials response units, regional WMD response groups, law enforcement tactical responders, and the military.

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Power supply filter reduces emissions

JuiceCan Precipitator Power Maximizer is a simple, high-voltage dc filter system that can be applied to any electrostatic precipitator to improve collection efficiency. System nearly eliminates ripples from power supply to provide a clean, smooth, constant power source. Users have obtained significant benefits, including emission levels cut in half and power levels increased more than 100%. Cost is low, installation is easy, and it requires no special wiring or controls to operate.

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Glowing paint clearly marks aisles

Fast Glo acrylic safety marking paint is ideal for marking aisle ways, emergency routes, boundaries, and stairways to identify safe passageways in the event of a power outage or failure of backup power systems. The single-component acrylic has a phosphorescent luminescent pigment that enables the paint to glow yellow/green in the dark for up to 4 hr. It is applied by brush, roll, or spray, and is conveniently packaged in quart and gallon containers.

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Dike works on small, large spills

Spillblocker dike is made of 100% polyurethane and diverts and confines liquid without absorbing it. Easy-to-handle design features two 5-ft dikes with built-in keystone connectors. Shorter sections can be used separately for small spills or easily combined to form a longer 10-ft dike for managing larger spills. The dike is available in yellow, black, and high-visibility lime green.

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Trailer stand adjusts automatically

AUTORISER trailer stand prevents spotted trailers from tipping over due to landing gear collapse or failure. The automatic, gas-activated leveling system is activated by stepping on a control pedal. A locking pin secures the position. Height adjusts from 42 in. to 52.5 in. Other features include a 100,000-lb static load capacity, compliance to OSHA Standard 1910.178 (K), and broad, double positioning handles with vinyl grips.

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Training program comes fully narrated

Electrical Safe Work Practices eLearning material is more cost-effective than seminar attendance and comes fully narrated and enhanced with interactive exercises, pop-up definitions, enlargeable graphics, word-search functionality, and animation. Training covers requirements of OSHA 29CFR1910 Subpart S and other electrical safe work practices. Product can be instantly downloaded via the Internet or purchased on a CD-ROM.

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Respirator utilizes welding flexibility

Speedglas Flex View with Adflo combines a retractable auto-darkening lens with an advanced, powered, air-purifying respirator. Full eye, face, and respiratory protection are provided for both welding and very low-light weld preparation conditions. The user lifts up the spring-mounted lens assembly for weld prep. The spring holds the lens securely on the top of the helmet, providing a big, clear view behind a clear polycarbonate protection lens.

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Pan deck allows rainwater to drain

Outdoor pan deck holds absorbents to capture hydrocarbons while allowing rainwater to drain through holes in the unit’s base. Removable grates provide quick and easy access to and change out of saturated absorbents. Low-profile design is ideal for catching leaks and hydrocarbon drips underneath transformers, outdoor equipment, vehicles, greasy dumpsters, and piping.

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Filters eliminate oil mist

NOM filters are designed to capture and control oil mist, stop dangerous, slippery floors, and protect sensitive equipment. The high-filtration, self-cleaning filters are easily attached to CNC machines and other areas where oil mist problems arise. Accumulated coolant is drained back to the machine or a collecting tank. Filtration efficiency is greater than 90% and more than 99.97% with optional HEPA filter. Four models handle air flows from 235 to 1650 cfm.

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Helmet serves communication needs

ClearCommand helmet communication system is a state-of-the-art radio interface device that significantly improves the user’s ability to receive and send messages, even in loud ambient-noise environments. The system consists of a helmet-mounted microphone and ear speaker assembly that weighs 5.3 oz and easily snaps onto the user’s industrial-style helmet or fire helmet ratchet suspension.

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