Electrical Power – 2004-11-10

By Staff November 10, 2004

Fuse flags failure

Global Pro is a fuse and holder system with remote blown-fuse indication capability. The compact touch-safe system connects to a PLC or automation system and remotely alerts maintenance people that a fuse requires replacement. Other indication methods include status light, red flag, and a popup indicator pin that protrudes out of the top of the fuse.

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Fuse protects motor controllers

Amp-Trap high-speed Class J (HJH) fuses are UL 248-8 listed and combine the overload capacity and dimensions of a standard Class J fuse with the performance of a semiconductor fuse to provide protection for electronic motor controllers as well as branch circuits as required by NEC. Fuse features very low I2t and capability of clearing loads down to 135% of rating.

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Breakers reduce wiring costs

Powerpact H and J-frame molded case circuit breakers offer lug or bus bar terminal options to reduce wiring and installation costs. H-frame comes in standard ratings of 15-150 A; J-frame comes in standard ratings of 150-250 A. Breakers feature field-installable trip units and snap-in terminals. Configurations include cradle, plug-in base, I-line, and rear-connection.

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Tools lift and separate

EYS Tool Kit allows the safe and reliable preparation of explosion-proof sealing fittings. The kit’s five 2-sided tools, which are provided in a handy canvas bag, allow you to separate the electrical conductors without abrading insulation — a critical step in packing the fiber dams in explosion-proof sealing fittings. Plastic tools include hook, wedge, mirror, and three packing tools.

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Converter powers sensors

Python Power is a power and output conversion accessory that allows a dc sensor to be installed in locations where only ac power is available. It consists of a universal inline ac/dc power supply and triac that senses sinking or sourcing output requirements and switches on or off accordingly. Unit can be stored in a 1-in. straight conduit and accepts voltages from 85 to 265 Vac.

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System reduces demand charges

Power Trend Management (PTM) system monitors and regulates electrical load to reduce energy costs and demand surcharges. The software-based integrated system monitors load, voltage, and current data from each major load in the plant as well as the main panel. These data are used to prevent main panel overloads and manage duty cycles by staggering startups of selected loads.

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Software profiles loads

ION EEM enterprise energy management software provides energy analytics for cost allocation of a plant’s energy bill by process; load profiling to reduce energy costs; and reliability analysis to reduce maintenance and equipment costs and to help avoid downtime. Software’s browser-based dashboard displays real-time and historical data on key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Program streamlines inventory

MROplus program analyzes fuse inventories to optimize inventory and lower operational costs. Program uses a large database of competitive fuse part numbers and characteristics to analyze inventories and identify duplicate items, unnecessary inventory, and obsolete or unsafe products. The program provides several recommendations and detailed reports that quantify savings.

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Decontactor eliminates electrical exposure

DS 100C plug/receptacle and disconnect switch is UL switch-rated, horsepower-rated, and has a dead-front construction that prevents exposure to live parts while meeting NFPA 70E safe workplace requirements. Switch actuation disengages contacts before plug can be removed from the receptacle. Shutter mechanism ensures that no electrical contacts are exposed upon plug removal.

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Power monitor classifies events

PowerXplorer PX5 handheld, 3-phase power monitor features color touch screen, automated setups, and instant classification of events. Functions include power quality and diagnostics, transient capture, load distortion and imbalance, flicker, compliance monitoring, and harmonics. Selectable displays include phasors, waveforms, meters, and harmonic spectrums.

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