Electrical – 2004-06-10

By Staff June 10, 2004

Motor controller

Motorpact medium voltage controller features compartmentalization, reduced footprint, elimination of shutter assemblies, and soft-start capability. Controller can be used on pumps, fans, chillers, chippers, crushers, and many other applications. Unit also offers optional digital temperature monitoring system, cable grounding switch, arc resistance, and medium-voltage fuse protection. Other features include web-enabled connectivity, line and load grounding switch, easily accessed test points, and main bus bar mounted on isolation switch.

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Voltage restoration

Series Voltage Restorer (SVR), a power quality device designed to mitigate voltage sags, responds to disturbances in &1 msec to protect sensitive equipment. It mitigates voltage sags by injecting the “missing” voltage during a disturbance without relying on energy storage, resulting in a smaller-footprint unit that requires less maintenance than typical UPS of comparable rating.

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Inventory program

MRO Plus program was developed to help plants streamline inventory and reduce costs through analysis of fuse usage. The service analyzes a plant’s fuse inventory, identifies duplicate products from different manufacturers, and provides single-source fuse recommendations to reduce the number of inventoried part numbers.

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Motor selection

RPM ac Motor Wizard is available in a new version of the software program for selecting inverter-duty motors from 2 to 1000 hp. This upgrade, now available in CD format as version 2.1, contains a duty-cycle calculator that provides horsepower and torque based on input values of load torque vs. time. From the calculation, the software selects the optimum frame size in either NEMA or IEC.

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Thermal switches

Thermal switch CD-Rom catalog offers thermal switches for setpoints from 0 to 1850 F. Company’s complete thermal switch offering is documented on easily searchable CD. Data include specifications, drawings, and application information.

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Arc flash calculator

Arc Flash Calculator is accessible on the company’s web site by selecting Electrical Safety from the navigation bar. Based on IEEE-1584 Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Calculations , online software program provides incident energy level and flash protection boundary needed for the flash hazard analysis under specific conditions. Necessary input information includes 3-phase bolted short circuit current available and the ampere rating of the overcurrent protective device.

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Ask the engineer

ProSPEC site ( BaldoProSPEC.com ) features a team of engineers that provide specification answers on motors, drives, and generators. Featuring a one-business-day-response promise, the team includes experts on motor and drive applications, motion control, generators, and industry standards.

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Motor diagnostics

Motor Current Signature Analysis has been updated on ReliabilityWeb.com . The new presentation is approximately 9 min and covers the ATPOL motor current signature analyzer, some rules for MCSA fault identification, and case studies on rotor faults and winding fault detection. It is accessible at rcm-1.com/forms/bjm_reg.htm .

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