Electrical – 2004-03-10

By Staff March 10, 2004

Washdown motors

Washdown stainless steel lineup includes ac, dc, pump, inverter duty, vector duty, and ac servo motors, as well as speed reducers. Available in a choice of finishes, washdown, paint-free washdown, and stainless, washdown motors are suited for applications requiring high-pressure cleaning with caustic solutions. Noncontact rotating labyrinth seals help prevent moisture intrusion and corrosion.

Baldor Electric Co. , baldor.com , Write 305 on PE card

Enclosed drives

Altivar CL8839 58M family of drives provides voltage sag immunity, Ethernet connectivity, and up to 500 hp. Enclosures are Type 1, Type 12, integrated, or with barriers for wall or floor mounting. Drives come with an optional door-mounted display center. Standard features include circuit breaker disconnect for lockouts, door-mounted keypad, dry contacts for drive-run and drive-fail indication, low-noise switching frequency, and 120 V control circuit.

Schneider Electric , SquareD.com , Write 306 on PE card

Cable ties

UNIRAP line of cable ties has been improved and expanded. Offerings include Tefxel and Halar, aerial support spacer, identification, and Velcro ties; mounting bases; and tools. Compact heads and prebent tips facilitate quick and space-efficient cable bundling.

FCI-BURNDY Products , fciconnect.com , Write 307 on PE card

Recloser brochure

Kyle PWE/PWVE 3-phase, pad-mounted recloser brochure includes product features/benefits, accessories, and ordering information. Color images, easy-to-read graphs, and rating tables support brochure content.

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Motor repair/rewind report

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) published a report on a major study that analyzed the impact of repair/rewinding on the energy efficiency of electric motors. Report includes information that enables technicians to maintain efficiency. It is free and available for downloading.

EASA, Inc. , easa.com , Write 309 on PE card

Lockout/tagout video training

Training video provides education about OSHA lockout/tagout safety requirements. Video includes live-action footage, review of the seven steps to properly lock down equipment, and the five steps to reenergize from lockout. It demonstrates how to apply, remove, and maintain the various lockout devices, and provides instructions for maintaining lockout/tagout during shift changes.

Master Lock Co. , masterlock.com , Write 310 on PE card

Enclosure catalog

Color 64-p standard products catalog contains detailed selector guides to help users configure the proper enclosure. Catalog features six new products and includes accessories, brackets, cabinets, card racks, chassis, communication products, die-cast aluminum products, large cabinet racks, open racks, plastic boxes, and small metal enclosures.

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