Electrical – 2003-07-14

By Staff July 14, 2003

Products Small terminals

Small Hydent small-terminal product line offers ring and fork tongue terminals, flag-style and quick disconnects, and splices. The expanded product line also includes installation tools. Most connectors are UL and CSA listed, and are available in vinyl, nylon, and polyvinylidene-insulated, as well as noninsulated, versions.

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Softstarters for low-voltage motors

PST series softstarters are available for operating voltages from 208 to 690-Vac and full-load line currents of 30_ 1050 A. When used on wye-delta wound motors, these softstarters are capable of inside-the-delta operation and are UL listed for starting motors up to 1800 hp. Inside the delta refers to the capability to be inserted electrically into the motor windings for a 6 or 12-lead wye-delta motor.

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Decentralized drive

VLT Decentral FCD 300 drive is an all-in-one-box adjustable speed drive that can be mounted on the wall, motor, or in any standard cabinet. The NEMA 4X enclosure allows the drive to withstand detergent and high-pressure cleaning. The drive, with power range of 1/4_5 hp, 380_480-Vac, is available with a built-in disconnect switch, which eliminates drive fusing. An internal brake resistor provides precision stop, counter stop, and speed-compensated stop.

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Expansion coupling

XJG-TB rigid conduit expansion coupling simplifies and speeds the job of installing expansion fittings in long runs of conduit. No disassembly during installation means no parts to drop or lose. The coupling, which requires fewer installation tools, employs an internal bonding jumper, eliminating the corrosion-prone external jumper. The UL and CSA approved coupling is available in sizes from 3/4 in. to 5 in.

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Interconnection relay

SEL-547 Distributed Generator Interconnection Relay provides utility-grade protection of distributed electrical generation (DG)/utility system connections by detecting abnormal conditions in operating modes that include peak shaving, base loading, islanding, and emergency backup. Protection includes single or 3-phase over/under voltage detection, over/under frequency detection, synchronization check, reversed phase, and reversed power.

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Safety relays

PSR safety relay comes in a 22.5-mm housing, is equipped with 2_8 normally open (NO) release current paths and one normally closed (NC) signaling current path. It is designed in accordance with EN50 178 with reinforced isolation. The safety circuit is controlled with one or two channels, with cross-circuit detection for safety category 4. Field connections are pluggable and coded.

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