Editorial Staff

By Plant Engineering Staff November 29, 2005

We encourage you to PLANT ENGINEERING editorial staff, so that we may continue to provide plant engineers and managers with the most current and comprehensive information about your products and services.

All press releases should be emailed to penewproducts@reedbusiness.com . When you send your email, please include a Word document, a 300 dpi photo and contact information, including manufacturer, contact name, address, and phone for our new electronic reader service process.

To plan your PR for the year, Pat Mustari . Please also consult the

Contributor’s Guide

for detailed information on submitting your materials to our editorial staff.

Administrative and Publishing
2000 Clearwater Drive
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Fax: 630-288-8781

Jim Langhenry, Publisher
Phone: 630-288-8789

Trudy Kelly, Publisher’s Assistant
Phone: 630-288-8780

Bob Vavra, Editor in Chief
Safety, Paints
Phone: 630-288-8779

Elena Moeller-Younger, Marketing Director
Phone: 630-288-8085

Stephanie Grammens, Internet/Web
Phone: 630-288-8019

Ana Bonfante, Editorial Production Manager
Phone: 630-288-8777

Jack Smith,
Electrical, Illumination, Communications, Instruments & Controls, Software, Automation, Plant Electronics
Phone: 630-288-8783

Kevin Campbell, Senior Editor
Maintenance, Material Handling, Saftey, Fluid Handling, Power Transmission, Compressed Air, HVAC, Welding, Lubrication, Tools, Fire Protection
Phone: 630-288-8776

Patricia Mustari, Editorial Services Coordinator
Product of the Year Administrator
Phone: 630-288-8775