DuPont acquires Coastal Training Technologies Corporation

DuPont acquired Coastal Training Technologies Corp, a producer and marketer of training programs, to expand its safety business offering.

By Plant Engineering Staff October 15, 2008

DuPont will gain access to DuPont’s broad customer network for its library of training products. According to a report issued by the American Society for Training and Development, U.S. organizations spent approximately $50 billion on external training services in 2007 and the use of E-learning programs tripled from 11 to 30% over the span of five-years.                      
“Coastal is a dynamic and creative company that produces world-class training products,” said James R. Weigand, vice president and general manager, DuPont Safety Resources.
DuPont Safety Resources offers customized consulting services and safety training materials and products that help clients improve workplace safety systems and operations. In addition to its consulting services, the business offers workplace safety and training materials, including the DuPont STOP program, which has helped employees prevent injuries and incidents for more than 25 years.