Do you have a disaster plan ready?

What happens when you face the worst of circumstances?

By Bob Vavra December 29, 2017

The latest issue of CFE Media’s Global System Integrator Report offers a great overview of the vital work done in the system integration community, and a look at the industry leaders who try to help manufacturers innovate. It’s a daunting task under the best of circumstances.

But what happens when you face the worst of circumstances? That’s the challenge faced by many integrators in the Houston area this summer when Hurricane Harvey submerged the city in August. The challenge for Wood, as it was for many companies in the region, was to serve its customers while trying to help their own employees devastated by the disaster. The story of the process Wood used in August and beyond should serve as a primer for others with a disaster plan—and a warning to those without such a plan. Whether it’s floods, wind damage or six feet of snow, Mother Nature often reminds us that we can’t control everything—but we can control how we respond.

Bob Vavra is the content manager for Plant Engineering.

Author Bio: Bob is the Content Manager for Plant Engineering.