Compressed Air – 2003-01-15

By Staff January 15, 2003

Optimizing compressor selection

Designing Your Compressed Air System is a guide that takes you through the process of selecting and determining a compressed air system. Five elements are considered: demand, supply requirements, storage, distribution system, and layout considerations. References include a compressed air glossary and conversion formulas. Kaeser Compressors Write 313 on PE card

Buy compressed air

OptimAir Service is a unique contract commodity air service specifically designed to meet dynamic compressed air needs. A unit is delivered to a facility via a highly sophisticated, modular, self-contained compressed air power plant. Each unit is installed, owned, and operated by OptimAir, Inc. You pay only for the air you use. OptimAir, Inc. 800-531-1135 Write 314 on PE card

Direct drive compressor

These 300-hp and 350-hp air compressors provide positive alignment and operating efficiency by being directly connected to the motor. An updraft cooler, mounted directly on the frame, allows for a smaller footprint than current models. Remote cooler packages are an option. Sullivan-Palatek Write 315 on PE card

Nozzle cuts air use

Super Air Nozzle provides a high-thrust, concentrated stream of high-velocity air. The sound level is extremely low at 74 dBA when supplied with an 80-psig compressed air supply. The nozzle is ideal for reducing air consumption and noise levels for blowoff, cooling, drying, and part ejection applications. Exair Corp. Write 316 on PE card

Air flow meter

Model 10A compressed air flow meter is ideal for compressed air flow measurement because it has a very wide turndown and measures directly in standard cubic feet per minute without pressure or temperature compensation. The sensor is constructed of 316 stainless steel and is welded to ensure reliability. Calibration is traceable to NIST standards. Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc. Write 317 on PE card

Breathable air

Use of compressed air as a source of breathable air for hazardous and toxic environments is well established. Breathing Air Filtration wall-mounted panels incorporate 2-stage filtration with a water separator system. A pop-up indicator shows when to change filter elements. A carbon monoxide monitor comes as standard. The units can be used with any air supply. domnick hunter, inc. Write 318 on PE card