Communications option provides submetering parameters

This communication option provides up to 40 submetering data parameters for building automation and control connectivity.

November 30, 2009

The LonWorks communication option (option LTP) is nowavailable for converting electrical submeter data into the LonWorkscommunications format for building automation systems (BAS) and equipmentcontrol applications, including lighting and security systems, HVAC and more.Any E-Mon D-Mon Class 3000 or Class 5000 meter or Interval Data Recorder (IDR)equipped with Option LTP can communicate up to 40 meter data parameters to anyBAS employing the widely used LonWorks protocol.

The LonWorks version provides electrical measurements thatinclude energy and reactive energy, delivered and received (kWh); real power(kW), total and by phase; reactive (kVAR) and apparent (kVA) power, total andby phase; power factor (percent), total and by phase; current (A), voltage (V)and phase angle (degrees) by phase.

LonWorks has evolved into a leading industrial networkingplatform for building automation and control, with more than 60 million devicesinstalled since the technology’s introduction by Echelon Corp. in the 1980s.According to industry sources, LonWorks and BACnet share an approximately equal40% share of TAM with the remainder of the building automation system marketmade up of other protocols.

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