Communications option for submetering

This communications option extends submetering capabilities to include BACnet Master-Slave/Token-Passing over RS-485 meter connections.

October 5, 2009

The BACnet MS/TP communications option for the Class 5000

converts electrical submeter data into an RS-485 serial communications format

compatible with BACnet. The Class 5000 meter, equipped with Option B converts,

up to 38 metering data parameters into the BACnet Master-Slave/Token-Passing

(MS/TP) protocol. These measurements include energy and reactive energy,

delivered and received (kWh); real power (kW), total and by phase; reactive

(kVAR) and apparent (kVA) power, total and by phase; power factor (percent),

total and by phase; and current (A), voltage (V) and phase angle (degrees) by


E-Mon, LLC