Coming soon to your inbox from Plant Engineering: Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainability is the farthest-reaching trend to hit manufacturing in years, and this latest E-newsletter from Plant Engineering will help you sort out how it will affect your organization and how you can best use it as a strategy for good business and a better bottom line.

By Plant Engineering Staff January 16, 2008

Sustainability isn’t just another flash-in-the-pan or fad that will be old and tired after six months. It’s a strategy that many companies are already taking on, not just because they eventually will be mandated to, but because it makes good business sense. And that’s why Plant Engineering will be launching a new e-newsletter dedicated to sustainability in the coming weeks.Watch your inbox for Sustainable Manufacturing. It will be chocked full of news, tips and other useful information that will help you learn how to make your operations more sustainable, which will benefit both the environment and your bottom line.