ASHRAE continues building international community of HVAC&R

The association continues to grow with a new chapter in the Pacific Rim.

By Staff December 21, 2007

Eighty-five years after creating its first chapter outside of the United States, ASHRAE has chartered its 170th chapter, based in Indonesia.
“ASHRAE recognizes that technology developed outside North America enhances our knowledge base,” said Kent Peterson, ASHRAE president. “One way we can share that knowledge is by bringing members together via chapters, which allows them to work together, share ideas, and advance the standards of practice to improve the built environment. We see our chapter program as a way to build the community of HVAC&R.”
ASHRAE’s continued growth is part of its overall strategic plan, which calls for the society to be a global leader in the HVAC&R community. In addition to chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico, ASHRAE has chapters in South America, the Far East, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, among other regions. It formed its first non-U.S. chapter in Toronto in 1922. The first chapter outside North America was formed in Singapore in 1984.