By Staff April 1, 2005

Portable AC units

MovinCool’s Office Pro 36 portable air conditioner protects against heat-related problems, especially data loss to computer and telecom equipment. The Office Pro 36 provides 36,000 Btu/h of cooling and operates on 230V power. Simply attach a duct to remove the heat and it will keep electronics operating by providing air-conditioning down to 65°F. The Office Pro 36 features a programmable digital controller for automatic operation even after-hours and weekends and a two-speed fan to control airflow.

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Building control systems

Yaskawa Electric America, Inc., has introduced the E7L drive with bypass and touchpad control specifically for HVAC building automation applications that require the redundant operation provided by bypass, but which can defer service until shutdown is convenient. The system is a 2-contactor bypass that allows motor operation from either the drive or directly across the AC line. The motor is transferred from the drive to the AC line via a drive contactor and a bypass contactor. The Electronic Touchpad Control of the E7L system includes printed circuit-mounted operator control functions and LCD keypad for drive control. The benefits are lower cost and increased reliability compared to hand-wired components.

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Packaged heating, cooling

York International Corporation’s Unitary Products Group has introduced the Predator Low Profile Series, which provides contractors with a packaged heating and cooling unit that is lighter weight and easier to conceal. Selecting the unit can save building and installation costs by reducing, or even eliminating, the need for a parapet wall.

The series of new, light commercial units provides EER ratings from 9.0 to 11.5 and up to 80 percent AFUE on gas/electric models. Units with an EER rating of 10.5 and 11.5 meet the new DOE/ASHRAE 90.1 energy standards. The Predator’s common footprint allows for easy installation on a curb, slab, roof rack or frame. A rigid full perimeter base rail provides three-way forklift access and overhead rigging.

For dual-circuit reliability, all Predator units have two compressors with independent refrigeration circuits. A host of factory-installed control options include Simplicity Intelli-Comfort and BAS options featuring Novar, Honeywell, Johnson and CPC controls. The 7

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