2023 Engineering Leader Under 40: Chris Shomin, 39

Chris Shomin, 39, Manager - Site Automation, Merck Animal Health, De Soto, Kansas

By Control Engineering September 11, 2023
Courtesy: CFE Media

Chris Shomin, 39
Manager – Site Automation
Merck Animal Health
De Soto, Kansas

Chris has significantly impacted the Merck manufacturing facility with his vast experience, growth mindset and longevity, interpersonal skills. With almost a decade in process controls for diverse industries, he rose from team member to manager, leading an expanding team of engineers and technicians. Chris prioritized cybersecurity, obtaining certifications and devising a more than $6 million modernization plan for production networks, supervisory control and data acquisition and more. His ability to connect with management and shop floor personnel enhances contributions to Merck’s vision and troubleshooting efforts. Chris’ innovative solutions, like barcoding for SAP and manufacturing execution system integration, are being considered globally, showcasing his adaptable problem-solving approach.

Fun fact: Chris has woodworking and carpentry skills and has crafted remarkable furniture, including a walnut kitchen table. He is restoring a classic Ford pickup with his three sons.

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