2022 Engineering Leader Under 40: Warren Leung, 33

Warren Leung; Head of Digital Station, Centre of Competence; Siemens Mobility Ltd.; Hong Kong, China

By CFE Media September 6, 2022
Warren Leung; Head of Digital Station, Centre of Competence; Siemens Mobility Ltd.; Hong Kong, China

Warren Leung, 33
Head of Digital Station, Centre of Competence
Siemens Mobility Ltd.
Hong Kong, China
MS Electronic Engineering & Business Management, University of London, King’s College London

Why Warren is an Engineering Leader

Warren Leung is a high-flier in many areas, from academic to the world of business. Warren has shown that he is able to assimilate on his own initiative, the complex missions no matter in technical and commercial aspects. With high performance and strong capability, he has climbed the career ladder as an Engineer to Engineering Leader during his tenure. His interdisciplinary knowledge and diverse background experience is always the key to success for the rapid lifecycle of cutting-edge technological transformation and innovation.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

Warren is focused on driving the advancement of technology, especially in communication systems, supervisory control and data acquisition systems and IoT systems to enable a smooth and seamless journey for public transportation’s passenger. His growth mindset and leadership, combined with his well-rounded technical and commercial background have allowed Warren to engage with various groups in the world and across different expertise. Warren is passionate about bridging the gap between different stakeholders, and he has built successful collaborations within the industry, academia, professional organizations and government to demonstrate leadership and success of many different global projects. Warren is also awarded for innovation and excellence in industry and academic by advancing the technology to keep up with the fast pace in the industry by balancing legacy systems and digital transformation with changing autonomous technology and environmental considerations.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Warren loves travelling as it allows him to form strong bonds with people and learn new skills. Adventures allow him to see and explore things from different perspectives.

Interesting Details

Warren also loves art. He previously worked in an advertisement and marketing company, and he believes engineering and art share the same similarity of making iconic art pieces. Both engineering and art process bringing enjoyment and creating interesting result.

Why Warren chose this career

“I like what I create and innovate every day,” said Warren. “I can implement amazing ideas on a computer or project in real life by utilizing my engineering knowledge and experience. By making things happen, I feel like what I am doing is helping others in the world.”

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