2022 Engineering Leader Under 40: Tommaso Helwig, 28

Tommaso Helwig, Engineering Manager, Ultimation Industries LLC, Roseville, MI

September 6, 2022
Tommaso Helwig, Engineering Manager, Ultimation Industries LLC, Roseville, MI

Tommaso Helwig, 28
Engineering Manager
Ultimation Industries LLC
Roseville, MI, United States
BS Physics, Kalamazoo College

Why Tommaso is an Engineering Leader

Tommaso Helwig has risen from an entry level design engineer to leading the development and implementation of custom machinery and material handling systems for Ultimation. He works well with internal and external project teams, ensuring open issues are identified, disseminated, discussed and resolved. Tommaso excels at ensuring projects are kept on track, on schedule and all the details are addressed.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

Tommaso has developed new business opportunities with existing clients by championing Ultimation’s entry in injection molded, extruded and 3D printed products. He has made significant contributions to systems for hydroponic, indoor farming production. Tommaso was the Pitch competition winner at the 2022 Integr8 Manufacturer Conference, winning Ultimation an industrial duty 3D printer with software. Tommaso established internal 3D printing/additive manufacturing capabilities at Ultimation.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Tommaso is taking improv classes to improve his public speaking and interpersonal skills. He says improv is a great way to have fun, meet new people and take a break from the typical stresses of life. What better way to improve one’s skills and make life a little bit brighter?

Interesting Details

Tommaso lived abroad in Spain for more than 7 months and experienced another culture that is still impacting his life today. Tommaso is an avid mountain climber and it’s not uncommon to finding him hanging off a cliff in his spare time.

Why Tommaso chose this career

Tommaso originally studied physics in school, but after his initial job experiences, pivoted to engineering to follow a newfound passion. His first job was working on a shop floor, hands-on with production machinery. As a result, he wanted to learn more about machinery design theories/concepts, and general engineering principals through real experience. This interest later motivated him to pursue opportunities with equipment and system design.

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