2022 Engineering Leader Under 40: Srividya Govindarajan, 40

Srividya Govindarajan, Plant Director, Unilever, Khamgaon, Maharashtra, India

By CFE Media September 6, 2022
Srividya Govindarajan, Plant Director, Unilever, Khamgaon, Maharashtra, India

Srividya Govindarajan, 40
Plant Director
Khamgaon, Maharashtra, India
BS Manufacturing Engineering, College of Engineering, Guindy

Why Srividya is an Engineering Leader

Becoming a Unilever Site Director marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of Srividya Govindarajan’s career dreams. As a child she witnessed her father’s 30-year career as a factory operator and always hoped she could one day run a factory of her own. From being the only woman in her first role straight from college, to becoming the only female Factory Manager for Unilever in South Asia, Srividya has succeeded in working in environments dominated by men and inspiring females to pursue manufacturing careers by becoming a role model and demonstrating success path.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

Looking back on Srividya’s 19 years of experience, there were many significant breakthroughs that enabled her to achieve, advance in her career and contribute to Unilever’s successful building and commissioning of machines, 50% reduction in quality defects in water purifier, turnaround of a closing factory into a top performing factory and enabling digital transformation and improving efficiencies. That last one delighted many consumers and provided cost savings. As someone who always dreamed of securing a leadership position in manufacturing, it’s been Srividya’s ambition that has helped her overcome the problem of a lack of female role models. Using the lack of role models as a personal driver, she made it her purpose to become one herself. Now that she’s reached a position where women entering the industry might look up to her for guidance, that purpose has evolved. Now what keeps Srividya motivated is becoming a great example of success, a powerful role model that future generation can look up to and be a hope to others.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

As a site director, Srividya has led the corporate social responsibility agenda in nearby villages to the site with water conservation as the main theme. 1.58 billion liters of water have been saved, enabling 138 tons of additional agricultural produce, benefitting 685 farmers over past 2 years. Srividya advocates for child education and volunteers with Women & Child Malnutrition by providing skill development programs and contributing to nutrition development centers. The team has reached out to more than 5,000 rural women and children, empowering them with career-building opportunities and better decision-making abilities on health.

Interesting Details

  • Daughter of visionary parents who dreamt of their daughter becoming a factory manager 40 years ago
  • Strong expertise in supply chain management, project management and high-performance team development with strong business delivery
  • Key leader in manufacturing excellence and supply chain digital transformation
  • Fastest growing talent at Unilever

Why Srividya chose this career

“By choosing manufacturing as a career path, you are a part of something innovative that is being built for the future,” said Srividya. “It is an integral part of the future of everything we do. A manufacturing career offers multiple positions within each facility that are important to delivering the product manufactured. Today, this industry is high-tech, spotless facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. There are so many options and positions available; from the manufacturing floor to the CEO. Manufacturing offers a long-term career path, highly competitive compensation and allow you to use your creativity to make things better, faster or cleaner.”

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