2022 Engineering Leader Under 40: Joseph Reckamp, 29

Joseph Reckamp, Principal Analytics Engineer, Seeq, Seattle, WA

By CFE Media September 6, 2022
Joseph Reckamp, Principal Analytics Engineer, Seeq, Seattle, WA

Joseph Reckamp, 29
Principal Analytics Engineer
Seattle, WA, United States
BS Chemical & Biochemical Engineering, Villanova University
MS Chemical Engineering, Villanova University

Why Joe is an Engineering Leader

Joe Reckamp is an integral part of the Seeq team both internally and externally. His technical expertise and deep domain knowledge of the pharmaceutical space have helped Seeq land new and grow existing business. He plays a key role in Seeq’s culture, fostering a people-first, collaborative environment by providing insights and best practices across the analytics engineering department and leading his direct reports with compassion and intentionality as a group manager. Externally, Joe often serves as the face for Seeq in the pharmaceutical industry – presenting webinars, authoring technical articles, briefing industry analysts and providing customer demonstrations and trainings.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

After receiving a master’s degree in chemical engineering, Joe began his career in 2016 as a process engineer for GSK and later Evonik. During this time, Joe was responsible for leading engineering teams to optimize and develop robust processes for scale-up to pilot plant and manufacturing. This included the development of engineering scale-up tools to evaluate risks of unit operations and model process transfer from laboratory to plant equipment. In early 2019, Joe transitioned into the tech industry, joining Seeq as an analytics engineer. Drawing on his experience as a process engineer, he quickly helped customers across industries extract value from their time series data using advanced analytics applications, from pre-sales demonstrations to enterprise rollouts and use case development. He serves as an internal advocate and advisor for product enhancements to support Seeq’s pharmaceutical and batch customers. By tackling challenging use cases, Joe has pushed the boundaries of the application’s capabilities, resulting in multiple new features for batch analytics and overall equipment effectiveness. Joe was recently promoted to principal analytics engineer, where he continues to drive development and innovations for Seeq’s customers while coaching and developing a team of analytics engineers.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Joe’s wife is a lifelong candle lover and hopes to someday make her own candles. To help with this goal, Joe recently learned the candle-making process, using his chemical engineering background to experiment for improvements. With numerous solubility studies under his belt, he continues to analyze how to maximize the fragrance loading in homemade candles. So far, his favorite scents are grapefruit and mangosteen.

Interesting Details

Joe enjoys giving back to his alma mater, Villanova University, by regularly mentoring and leading workshops to help educate students on the different industry options available to chemical engineering graduates.

Joe has taken full advantage of the remote working environment at Seeq – moving three times in three years to Sacramento, Miami and Indianapolis.

Why Joe chose this career

Since completing a minor in engineering entrepreneurship at Villanova University, Joe has had an interest in the intersection between engineering, innovation and business. Throughout his career in pharmaceuticals, Joe worked on some of the latest technologies, including continuous manufacturing, process analytical technology (PAT) and software technologies. Joining Seeq was a natural next career step, offering Joe the chance to work on a truly innovative product, drive digital transformation across not just pharmaceuticals, but all process manufacturing verticals, and continue learning about the business side of creating, marketing and selling a new product.

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