2022 Engineering Leader Under 40: Joseph Geoghegan, 29

Joseph Geoghegan, Lead Automation Engineer, Panacea Technologies Inc., Montgomeryville, PA

By CFE Media September 6, 2022
Joseph Geoghegan, Lead Automation Engineer, Panacea Technologies Inc., Montgomeryville, PA

Joseph Geoghegan, 29
Lead Automation Engineer
Panacea Technologies Inc.
Montgomeryville, PA, United States
BS Computer Engineering, University of Delaware

Why Joseph is an Engineering Leader

Joseph Geoghegan embodies what it means to be both an engineer and a leader. It is no longer possible to be one or the other in this industry, but Joe succeeds at both in a way that makes him deserving of this award and the recognition it bestows. He has demonstrated that the new generation of engineering leaders are ready to take charge on important projects and serves as an example for those coming after him. His ability to maximize his own potential and the potential of his team members is a given and he deserves this recognition.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

Joe played an absolutely crucial role in maintaining critical product supply chains during the pandemic, having a great impact on the industry. Joe was placed in a Lead Engineer position for a very important project early in his career. For many young talented engineering leaders, this task of managing a large project for a manufacturer of critical goods might seem daunting, but Joe absolutely flourished. His combination of soft skills and technical engineering skills helped fast track his project and helped drive goals that other participating companies weren’t able to hit. He tackled every problem with ease and is leading the way in demonstrating that the new generation of engineers are ready to lead and tackle the most important projects. It is one thing to lead a project, but to lead a critical path project in the face of turnover that directly involves a critical supply chain product and flourish in the face of adversity is no small achievement. Leaders can be defined by the barriers they break down allowing others to pass more easily, and Joe is doing that on a daily basis for other early career engineering leaders.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

Joe is an avid hiker and in the past few years started rock climbing. One of Joe’s first memories is reaching the highest point in Vermont, the Chin of Mount Mansfield. In the last few years, his proudest hike was conquering Angel’s Landing in Zion. Joe naturally turned his interest in hiking into an additional rock climbing hobby. Rock climbing has been a perfect mix of problem solving and physical movement to stay fit while not getting bored. Every climb up the rock wall is a challenging puzzle to solve, and that makes improving so rewarding.

Interesting Details

Joe loves baking and cooking and has made some delicious but also extremely beautiful dishes. His love of baking may only be rivaled by his disdain for Fondant as he is extremely proud of the process of creating a visually appealing but also delicious cake. His creations were often the subject of many a lunch time conversation. Joe personifies what it means to be a foody and is the company’s go to source for restaurant recommendations.

Why Joseph chose this career

Joe grew up building with blocks, solving 3D puzzles, and creating Rube Goldberg machines. His family quickly picked up that Joe’s mind was geared for engineering. What appeals to Joe the most in this field is that creativity is woven into the work he does every day. He feels great to build something, to see it moving, and to hear it whirl to life! The creation integral in engineering keeps the passion Joe has had since childhood burning. Joe is so glad people in his life picked up on his interests and helped guide him to this industry.

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