2022 Engineering Leader Under 40: David Siegel, 39

David Siegel, Chief Technology Officer, Predictronics Corp., Blue Ash, OH

By CFE Media September 6, 2022
David Siegel, Chief Technology Officer, Predictronics Corp., Blue Ash, OH

David Siegel, 39
Chief Technology Officer
Predictronics Corp.
Blue Ash, OH, United States
BS Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
MS Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati
PhD Mechanical Engineering, University of Cincinnati

Why David is an Engineering Leader

David Siegel exemplifies what his nominator considers to be the ideal engineer; he is curious, focused, talented, entrepreneurial and extremely accomplished. The impact he has made at the IMS Center at the University of Cincinnati, as well as in the PHM field itself, cannot be overstated. Instead of charting a less-challenging path, David joined his colleagues to spin off Predictronics in 2013. At Predictronics, he continues to broaden the application of predictive solutions in industrial applications to great success.

Achievements, Advancement & Career-related Industry Contributions

As the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Predictronics Corp., David has led development of Predictronics’ predictive software, PDX, and oversaw its successful deployments for more than 60 Fortune 500 and 1000 companies. His leadership contributed to Predictronics receiving a $3.75 million investment, $1.2 million in government SBIR awards, partnerships with Microsoft, Siemens and Xylem, and five Manufacturing Leadership Awards from the National Association of Manufacturers for the deployment of PDX at Maxion Wheels, MacLean-Fogg, Hino Motors and A.O. Smith.

Prior to co-founding Predictronics, David was a postdoctoral fellow NSF I/UCRC for intelligent maintenance systems at the University of Cincinnati. In this role he led and supported more than 20 industry-funded NSF engagements with well-known companies, such as Alstom Transport, GE Aviation, LAM Research, Parker Hannifin and US Army Research Labs.

Non-work-related Activities & Hobbies

David has enjoys playing basketball. He typically plays on the weekends and his strength is in three-point shooting. David likes the competitive nature of the sport and enjoys basketball as a great way to get exercise and clear his mind when he isn’t working.

Interesting Details

David is a contributing and voting sub-committee member for the Prognostics and Health Management Standards Committee, a leading body within the PHM Society focused on developing guidelines and standards for manufacturing PHM.

At the 2011 Prognostics and Health Management Society Conference, David won First Place Overall in the Prognostics and Health Management Data Challenge, providing the best-performing approach to estimating the health of sensors used in wind turbines.

Why David chose this career

During his undergraduate studies, David chose to pursue mechanical engineering because he enjoys how machines and systems work and has a general passion for mathematics, physics and chemistry, as well how these can be applied to solve problems. As a graduate, he merged mechanical engineering with machine learning and data science to develop predictive maintenance methods and solutions. This was an exciting combination for David, as he always enjoyed working with data and data analysis, so this seemed like a natural progression to unite his interests with his educational background.

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